Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend - Love Olympics









Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend is here again on May 15-17! Our Forever Lovers weekends are a BLAST!! Check-in gift will be given to Silver and Gold club members. We'll have exclusive cocktail parties for our Silver and Gold club members. Exciting couples-games, all kinds of contests and plenty of romance will be available for all Forever Lovers! Come visit old friends and make some new ones too! We hope to see you there! This year our theme is the Love Olympics. That’s right, you and your partner will need to brush up on your competitive talents. You will love these games and they are sure to get your heart pumping.

Join us during the day on Saturday for some friendly competition. Here are some activities you might find on game day…

  • SPEEDBALL – each couple will take turns trying to sink as many pool balls as possible using one pool stick
  • BELLYBALL – the couple will put a yoga ball in between them and run it through an coned obstacle course - after you secure the ball, you cannot use your hands at all
  • NERF TOSS – couples will be throwing NERF balls into different colored hula hoops in the pool trying to get the top score
  • PING PONG MINUTE TO WIN IT – each couple ties a tissue box around their waist facing the back of their body - the tissue box will have 3 ping pong balls in it – the goal is to shake out as many as you can in 1 minute
  • LAYERED DRINK CHALLENGE – the couple takes the available liquors to make a red, white and blue Passionately Patriotic drink - the couple that completes the shot the fastest wins
  • ARCHERY – the entire target will be covered with balloons with points written on paper inside - the points will range from 1-5 – each couple will shoot 3 arrows - if you pop a balloon, you’ll be awarded the points written on the paper inside
  • FOUL SHOOTING – the Champagne Tower swish - each couple shoot various size balls into the Champagne Tower and keep repeating for one minute
  • HEART-SHAPED POOL BOAT RACE – use your team player skills to build a boat out of paper and get it from one end of the pool to the other – start at the point
  • BACKSEAT DRIVER – a Forever Lover favorite… the driver is blindfolded and the passenger must guide them across a coned obstacle course
  • HOLE IN ONE – mini golf style… each partner tries for a hole in one - each couple gets one shot from the same spot
  • TIE BREAKER… TRIVIA ON THE PODIUM – couples must buzz in and be the first to answer questions about our resorts

At the end, we will crown the Ultimate Love Olympians.