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A Handy Poconos Honeymoon Planner

Over the decades, we’ve come to recognize that no two couples are alike, especially when it comes to a long-overdue Poconos honeymoon. We perfectly understand that a honeymoon at Cove Pocono Resorts isn’t for everyone. However, our all-inclusive, four-season retreat checks off most honeymoon-related boxes, including nightly entertainment, surrounding natural beauty, fine dining, and tantalizing lodging. Our three resorts are a short drive from New York City, Philadelphia, and countless other large East Coast cities. And, to ensure that your first getaway as a married couple is nothing short of spectacular, we’ve pieced together a brief, handy honeymoon planner (as seen below).

Honeymoon Packages

It’s probably beneficial to lead this honeymoon planner off with our all-inclusive packages, which start at $1,450. Each three-night stay includes unlimited breakfast and dinner, aphrodisiac treats, champagne, photography, plush bathrobes, chocolate truffles, rose petals, fire logs, candles, nightly live entertainment, and, of course, a Champagne Tower Whirlpool suite. We have a team of Romance Experts that take care of every last detail, many of which can be customized to your liking.

Fine Dining

Future guests are often so distracted by our countless on-site activities, live entertainment, and enticing Jacuzzi suites that they often overlook the fine dining. The menus at each resort, while similar, change with the seasons. But, typically, every day features a different theme, such as Tuesday’s Prime Night or Friday’s International Night. Depending on the evening, you and the love of your life can indulge in panko-crusted salmon, prime rib, stuffed flounder, steak and lobster, or sliced sirloin.

Live Entertainment

No credible honeymoon planner is absent of live, nightly entertainment. You never know what you’ll find here at Cove Pocono Resorts. Yes, we often host headliners, such as Tracy Morgan, Rob Schneider, and Ken Jeong. But honeymooners will also have the pleasure of enjoying traveling bands, New York City comedians, live DJs, mindblowing magicians, rousing variety acts, and more!

Honeymoon Planner: 15 Romantic Activities

It wouldn’t be a Poconos honeymoon without a variety of adventurous, relaxing, and flirtatious activities. Below you’ll find 15 hand-selected activities that most honeymooners should try, most of which can be accessed via the Key Around Club. For those that have never ventured into the heart of the Pocono Mountains, its beauty is only outmatched by its plenitude of adventure-based exploits.




The Classic Poconos Honeymoon Suite

Perhaps the most important aspect of any honeymoon, regardless of budget, is the suite. Luckily for you and your sweetheart, we’re known as the “honeymoon capital of the world.” Newlyweds have been flocking to our trend-setting resort since the last 1950s. By now, you’ve likely heard all about the Champagne Tower Whirlpool suites, but some of the most romantic guest rooms can be found at the newly-updated Paradise Stream Resort and modernized Pocono Palace Resort. Thanks to extensive updates, our three havens have never looked more beautiful or felt more seductive. To inquire about a potential Poconos honeymoon, please give us a call today at 1-800-432-9932.

15 Indoor Hobbies for Couples on Vacation

Cove Pocono Resorts maximizes each property’s sprawling estate by providing everything from laser tag to cross-country skiing. Over the years, we’ve successfully added countless outdoor and indoor hobbies for couples to ensure that each and every getaway is nothing short of flawless. Contrary to popular belief, winter is actually one of our busiest seasons as most city-dwelling sweethearts desperately need an uninhibited, passionate escape from Old Man Winter’s stern grip.

Escape the Cold: 15 Indoor Hobbies for Couples

While guests can effortlessly take full advantage of the Pocono Mountains’ ample backcountry snowmobiling, horseback riding, alpine skiing, and snowshoeing this winter, you’ll likely want to spend just as much time inside. We’ve compiled 15 fun hobbies for couples, particularly for those looking for a bit of indoor fitness, gaming, and nostalgia. It’s worth noting again that each of these marriage-enrichment activities is entirely complimentary and ideal for any type of wintertime couples outing.


  1. Tanning: a sexy, flirtatious mid-afternoon activity.
  2. Billiards. Perhaps the winner earns something sweet?
  3. Tennis. Challenge another couple to a doubles match.
  4. Racquetball, perhaps the best way to get your heart pumping.
  5. Swimming. Let the warmth of the indoor pool water whisk you away to beach season.
  6. Miniature Golf: fun, nostalgic, and strangely seductive.
  7. Roller Skating. Don’t let go!
  8. Basketball. Shoot some hoops with your favorite guy or gal.
  9. Archery. As you can imagine, archery is one of the most popular hobbies for couples during February’s Month of Love.
  10. Watch Movies. Snuggle close with a bowl of popcorn inside Cove Haven Resort’s movie theater.
  11. Video Arcade Gaming. Pinball, boxing machines, and classic arcade games await.
  12. Full Body Workout. Utilize a variety of state-of-the-art fitness equipment this winter.
  13. Spikeball, one of the fastest-growing hobbies for couples in the region.
  14. Cornhole. Yes, it’s a four-season activity!
  15. Ice Skating. Skate, hand in hand, in the comfort of Cove Haven Resort’s indoor rink.

Romantic Getaways in Pennsylvania

With so many things to do with your spouse here at Cove Pocono Resorts, it’s easy to see why we’re the number one romantic getaway on the East Coast. Yes, we gleefully provide over two dozen complimentary hobbies for couples, but each package also includes nightly entertainment, fine dining, and tantalizing Jacuzzi suites. To learn more about a potential midwinter escape into the awe-inspiring Pocono Mountains, please give us a call today at 1-800-432-9932.

Top 3 Pennsylvania Distilleries Near Cove Haven

The craft distilling scene in the Keystone State hasn’t been this marketable since pre-Prohibition. And, luckily for couples lodging with Cove Pocono Resorts, there are a handful of highly-praised Pennsylvania distilleries in the region. It’s quite common for couples to search for a “craft distillery near me” during their midday adventures via the Key Around Club. Whether you appreciate an innovative cocktail, stiff pour, or bottle to-go, there’s bound to be a barrel room near Paradise Stream Resort and Pocono Palace Resort with your name on it.

The 3 Best Pennsylvania Distilleries

Before diving into this shortlist of must-visit Pennsylvania distilleries, it’s worth noting that Cove Pocono Resorts’ all-inclusive packages include two meals daily, countless on-site activities, nightly entertainment, and lodging. The packages, however, don’t cover alcohol. Thus, we’ve compiled this list of potential midday pit stops in-between a snowmobiling adventure, horseback riding, or 18 holes of golf. Let’s start with the region’s premier watering hole: Silverback Distillery.

Silverback Distillery – East Stroudsburg

Silverback’s East Stroudsburg facility operates inside an old airplane hangar on the north edge of town near Marshalls Creek. The company was named after the strong, fierce silverback gorilla. Thus, many of their spirits are also named after a variety of apes. Silverback has won awards for their 100 percent sweet corn vodka, botanical gin, rye whiskey, aged bourbon, and white oak barrel moonshine. Savor a cocktail on the outdoor patio next to a jet or inside the sleek yet unpretentious tavern.

Mountain View Vineyard – Stroudsburg

Mountain View is equal parts vineyard, brewery, eatery, and distillery—a true all-in-one package that pleases every patron. Unlike most Pennsylvania breweries, Mountain View features dramatic, awe-inspiring vistas of the towering Poconos. Spirit samplers cost just $7, which includes three-ounce pours of all-natural vodka, grape-based brandy, and old-fashioned moonshine. Mountain View is certainly worth a visit during the summer and autumn seasons, primarily because of the surrounding natural beauty. You’ll likely stumble upon their scenic vineyard while searching for a “vodka distillery near me.”

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery – New Tripoli 

Eight Oaks Farm narrowly thwarted Lehighton’s Insurrection Distillery, one of the newest Pennsylvania distilleries. New Tripoli is a bit of a trek, so we recommend visiting their polished distillery on the return journey to Philadelphia, Allentown, or Harrisburg. The $20 tours provide an inside look into the art of distilled spirits (from seed to glass) followed by a sampling complete with a crafted cocktail made by a well-trained mixologist.

The Premier Couples Resort in Pennsylvania

For decades, couples of all ages have been venturing into the heart of the Pocono Mountains for a playful, uninhabited getaway to Cove Pocono Resorts (home to the world-famous Champagne Tower Whirlpool). As mentioned above, nearly every aspect of the stay is included in an all-inclusive package, including curated activities by our dedicated team of Chief eXcitement Officers (CXOs). Before booking, make sure to browse through our Jacuzzi suites, year-round activities, wedding packages, and vow renewal opportunities. Call now to book by dialing 1-800-432-9932.