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Explore the Expansive Poconos Wine Trail

From the tantalizing entertainment options to the themed events, guests are always in for a good time. But if you’re seeking to keep the romance going and embark on an odyssey outside our walls, then an adventure along the Poconos wine trail will certainly deliver! Let us be your guide as we take you along this epic Pennsylvania trek!

  • Big Creek Vineyard – Stop number one on the trail is a quaint and quiet estate winery in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania known as Big Creek Vineyard. Along with the wine they serve from homegrown grapes, they also have an outlet shoppe featuring artwork as well as classes and events. Make sure to reserve in advance to make the most out of your trip!
  • Blue Ridge Winery – Nestled on a hilltop in the countryside of Saylorsburg, Blue Ridge Winery provides a relaxing, elegant, yet informal Poconos wine trail experience. Sip on a variety of both red and white wines as you take in the stunning mountain scenery from the full wrap-around deck.
  • Sorrenti Family Estate – More than just a winery, the Sorrenti Family Estate is more of a jack of all trades rich in history. On top of providing award-winning wine, the estate is also home to Mamma Lucia’s Pizzeria that serves pizza with Italian imported ingredients baked in a one-of-a-kind wood-fired brick oven.
  • Franklin Hill Vineyards – As the oldest vineyard in the Lehigh Valley, Franklin Hill Vineyards has evolved from a charming and expansive vineyard into a thriving winery complete with a state-of-the-art facility. Once you navigate a mile-long dirt path that leads to the winery, you’ll be greeted with an open space displaying a grand view of over 20 acres of vines. Order up a flight of your favorite reds and whites, and have a day!
  • Mountain View Vineyard Winery & Distillery – Next up is a vineyard with a 100-acre farm and thousands of vines surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges—Mountain View Vineyard Winery & Distillery. Not a fan of wine (how have you made it this far)? Then order a locally-produced beer or distilled spirits before ordering a snack on-site at The Bistro.
  • The Renegade Winery – Welcome to the Pocono Mountain Region’s first urban concept winery, The Renegade Winery. Situated in the heart of downtown Stroudsburg, Renegade combines both traditional tactics and incorporates the freedom of innovation to create unique wine offerings. Whether you’re a seasoned taster or new to wine, all feel welcome at Renegade.
  • Tolino Vineyards – Tolino Vineyards is a relative newcomer to the Poconos wine trail. The unique terrain of the vineyard lends itself magically to create an impressive selection of wines. On a visit here, you can expect to sample local wines, sip on a wine slushy or craft beer, and listen to live music. You’ll truly feel like a local at Tolino.
  • Rowan Asher Winery – It doesn’t get more ‘raw’ than Rowan Asher Winery. What started out with winemaking in a root cellar has blossomed into this award-winning winery serving up both wine and cider. Their urban location makes it easier for city-dwellers to enjoy fresh wine without having to make their way out to the countryside. Though they don’t own a vineyard, local farmers provide the fruits necessary to create their impeccably flavored concoctions.

The Holy Grail of Wine Trails

Odds are when a trail is brought up, most people think of hiking or biking. However, as you see it can be much more than that. Experience the stunning scenery, home-crafted wines, and delicious wines when you embark on the Poconos wine trail. Upon your completion (or partial completion, there are a lot of stops!), feel assured knowing that  Cove Pocono Resorts is a home for you in waiting. What better way to cap off a day sipping wine than relaxing in a personal hot tub?  Book online or call us directly at 800-432-9932 to start prepping your Poconos wine trail adventure today!

Swing into Summer on a Poconos Zipline Tour

From biking among beautiful nature trails to waterskiing and speed boating, you’ll always be in for an adventure. But if you’d like to add some off-property excitement to your visit, then fly-high among the mountain peaks with a Poconos zipline tour! With a trio of standout zipline businesses nearby, we’re confident that your trip will be one to remember—especially if you’re afraid of heights.

Pocono Zip Racer

Fly 35 miles per hour on an exhilarating Poconos zipline tour with Pocono Zip Racer! This 1,000-foot aerial adventure has you competing against friends and family as you speed past trees and zoom over streams. Their considerate and helpful staff make every adrenaline-junkie feel welcome, and whether it’s your first time or 100th, you’ll feel like a pro by the time you finish your zip-quest. If you want to extend your adrenaline rush, Pocono Zip Racer also features a high ropes course among the towering trees of the forest.

Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures

Gorilla Grove offers enough high-flying fun that would even make Tarzan proud! Double-up your fun with the only attraction of its kind in the area—quad racing! This affordable zipline setup is perfect for a group of four friends or family members duking it out to see who is the fastest. Maximize your tour with a ropes course ranging from children’s set close to the ground to extremely difficult tree-to-tree challenges. No visit is complete without a 36-hole tour of the Legends of the Lost Jungle mini-golf course!

Camelback Mountain Adventures

If you’re looking for exclusive fun you won’t experience anywhere else in the state, then make your way to Camelback Mountain Adventures! As Pennsylvania’s largest outdoor adventure park, you’ll find no shortage of attractions fit for the whole family, including segway tours, treetop courses, and Pennsylvania’s only Mountain Coaster! We know the real reason you came, though—to zoom down the summit on the 4000-foot Soaring Zip-Flyer, which, as you can guess, is also the longest zip-flyer in the state. If you’d like some company or the chance to race a friend on your Poconos zipline tour, then the 1000-foot Double Barrel Zipline is a pretty solid alternative.

Zipping and Zooming throughout the Poconos

There’s nothing quite as tantalizing as a stay at Cove Pocono Resorts. A visit here is relaxed yet exciting with live entertainment, themed events, and alluring amenities. But if you are seeking an adrenaline rush like no other, then a Poconos zipline tour is perfect for you! What better way to take in the stunning mountain scenery than flying high above and through it all! Book online or call us directly at 800-432-9932 to plan your high-flying adventure today!

A Poconos Escape Room Guide

Understanding others and conveying what you think effectively can take you a long way in any of these types of relationships. And trust us, here at Cove Pocono Resorts, we know a thing or two about relationships. But if you’re trying to test the limits yourself in a fun yet challenging environment, you can’t do much better than an escape room in the Poconos! Offering a motley assortment of escape room options, we’re sure your escape experience will be well worth your time! Here are a few of our favorite spots.

Klues Escape Room

Pack a magnifying glass and head on over to Klues Escape Room for an exciting and varied Poconos escape room experience! You and your team can uncover the mystery among the pharaoh’s tomb, brew a batch of moonshine to save your immoral Uncle, or match wits with a mad scientist during your visit. Klues is also upping the ante with escape houses coming soon that are sure to challenge both new and adept escapers!

Trap Door Escape Room

Differentiating itself from other escape rooms in the Poconos, Trap Door brings you some of the largest mega escape rooms in the world! Featuring a lineup of rooms including F5: A Tornado Escape, Fear the Bogeyman, Prisoner Z, and more, you’ll find a perfect balance for both first-time escapees and veterans. And, if you want the fun brought to you, Trap Door offers a full series of puzzle boxes with stories and clues transported directly to you!

Big Screen Escapes

Featuring three custom-crafted rooms, Big Screen Escapes brings a clever and engrossing experience to the Poconos area. Unravel a government plot within the confines of a modern kitchen in the Nuclear Family, navigate the life of an ’80s teenager with Trapped in ‘88, or use clues from a father’s legacy to survive a 100-year storm in the Solitude Room. Though the selection is limited compared to others, the care and detail put into each room more than makes up for it.

No Escaping the Fun

With the multitude of different Poconos escape room options ranging from the historical to the chilling and all the way to the downright weird, you’ll find no shortage of engaging fun during the course of your escape. And if you’d prefer to engage in enlightening communication in a more relaxed environment, then we’ve got you more than covered here at Cove Pocono Resorts. Our three resorts offer up even more adventures complete with enticing activities, exciting entertainment, and luxurious suites, all destined to create an unforgettable trip. This is a destination you won’t want to escape! Book online or call us directly at 800-432-9932 to plan your getaway today!