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Pocono Wine Trail

Spend an Afternoon on the Pocono Wine Trail

Your stay at Cove Pocono Resorts can be fun-filled and entertaining by itself. But, you can also opt for visiting the many vineyards that surround the resort. The Pocono Mountains are a haven for wine lovers because of the multitude of vineyards in the area. Let us explore some of the self-guided Pocono wine trail, including stops in Stroudsburg, Hawley, Saylorsburg, and Madison Township.

1. Mountain View Vineyard

This aptly-named mountain-view tasting room (complete with a countryside landscape) is one of the best features of their vineyard. A crowd favorite, this 100-acre farm is sustainable as well. Known for their Chambourcin and Cayuga blend, do try out their craft beer too. Yes, they don’t just serve wine, but other spirits too. You can try their Pocono wine tours, which begin at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Three Hammers Winery

This family-owned craft winery is located at historic “Whitehall Corners,” which offers a variety of artisanal wines. Syrah and Home Sweet Homestead are some of their best wine varietals, so make sure to try those out. Summers are a great time to visit this gem as you can go for short trails, relax near the pond, or just enjoy the vino.

3. Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyard

Sorrenti is one of the oldest wineries on the Poconos wine trail as it has been in business since 1981. The owner, Dominic Sorrenti, made his dream come true when he opened this winery. At the time, many people said that this climate is not suited for grape vineyards. There are many events that are over at the Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyard, such as grape stomps, paint ‘n sips, and the annual Sangria Festival.

4. Wood Winery

Madison Township’s Wood Winery is known for its budget wines. Wood Winery remains a cute little find. It’s a little off the beaten path—perfect if you just want to have a bottle of wine and relax in the backyard. They even have live events going on sometimes, so keep your eye out for those.


Now that you know some of the vineyards near Cove Haven on the Pocono wine trail, it’s time for you to book a getaway to our couples-only resort. To learn more, you can connect with us online at Cove Pocono Resorts.

The Top 5 Pocono Mountain Hiking Trails: Summer Edition

Located in Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains offer some of the most beautiful sights in the entire country. Blessed with waterfalls, splendid trail systems, and a variety of rare flora and fauna, a Poconos hiking expedition is a must-do in summer. There are many state parks and recreational areas near Cove Pocono Resorts for you to explore at your own pace. At long last, let us explore some of the top five Pocono mountain hiking trails.

1. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail

There are about 28 miles of the Appalachian Trail that stretch through the Delaware Water Gap, including 16 unique trails ranging from easy to moderately difficult. The Appalachian Trail inside Lehigh Gorge State Park is a must-see, regardless of the season.

2. Bushkill Falls

There are several trails over at Bushkill Falls that vary in difficulty. No matter which trail you choose, you are sure to see the beauty of nature. Bushkill Falls is also known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.” The best vantage point to view the main waterfall is the Red Trail, a semi-tough trek.

3. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This 70,000-acre park is a protected area that holds several educational and historical sites as well as many opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Delaware Water Gap offers several of the best Poconos hiking trails. The hiking trails vary in distance and difficulty. A couple of hidden gems include the McDade Recreational Trail (easy) and the Milford Knob Trail (challenging but offers big rewards too).

4. Promised Land State Park

There are 50 miles of forested trails in Promised Land State Park. You can choose to hike Bruce Lake Road, where you can see a natural glacial lake or see waterfalls along the Little Falls Trail. You can even explore the Conservation Island Loop, where you can stroll around the island and take in the sights of the lake.

5. Lake Wallenpaupack Trail

If you are looking for a relaxed trail with water views, the Lake Wallenpaupack Trail might be your best bet. This gentle, three-mile trek along the lake is pretty popular with locals and tourists alike. Plus, this freshwater lake offers a variety of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed too.


After exploring these Poconos hiking trails, you might want to relax at a top-rated, couples-only resort. Cove Pocono Resorts offers the privacy and luxury you need to rekindle your romance. Please call us today at 800-432-9932 to learn more!

5 Couples-Friendly Water Activities on Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack is a human-made lake that was built in 1926, covering 5,700 acres. Given the massive area of the lake, the activities which can be done around Lake Wallenpaupack are far-reaching. There are six recreation areas, including forest lands, wildlife, walking trails, and boat slips. Let us talk about Lake Wallenpaupack available at or near the ultra-romantic Cove Haven Resort.

1. Spend a Day on the Beach

There are many things that you can do near Lake Wallenpaupack’s sandy banks. One of them is to head to the beach for a romantic picnic. Palmyra Township Public Beach on Lake Wallenpaupack is a great place to soak up some sunshine and have a picnic.

2. Try Angling

One of the top Lake Wallenpaupack activities includes fishing. This lake harbors hefty smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and channel catfish. This lake is an ideal place to introduce the hobby of fishing to your partner. For those who want to try angling, you can hire a local guiding service, such as Ray’s Charter Guide Service, which offers outings for pros and first-time anglers.

3. Paddleboard atop Lake Wallenpaupack

Would you rather spend some time on a paddleboard? Lake Wallenpaupack is perfect for seasoned or first-time paddleboarders. Cove Haven Resort offers free paddleboard rentals with every package.

4. Embark on a Pontoon Ride

A trip to a lake isn’t complete without a lengthy pontoon ride under the sun! Feel the breeze on your face as the boat skims over the lake in the summertime. The best way to explore a lake is to hop aboard Cove Haven’s pontoon boat, where you can enjoy sunbathing, sightseeing, and fresh lake air.

5. Kayak near Cove Haven

What better way to explore Lake Wallenpaupack than to paddle in a kayak? Breathe in the beauty of the Pocono Mountains as you paddle along the lake’s edge near Cove Haven Resort. Spend quality time with your partner as you listen to the sound of water splashing around you.

This summer, try out your hand at some of Lake Wallenpaupack’s most serene water activities. Cove Haven Resort is famous for being the birthplace of the heart-shaped hot tub and the seven-foot-tall Champagne Tower. Rekindle your romance and book a stay at Cove Pocono Resorts, where you can check availability online.