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4th of July in The Poconos

Looking for something to do this 4th of July with your sweetheart? Naturally, you’ll want to find somewhere to enjoy some fireworks! But why not make a weekend of it as well?

Cove Haven Resorts in the Pocono Mountains offer amazingly romantic getaways for couples from around the area and the nation. Our facilities and amenities are second to none, and want to know the best part? We’re couples only! This means you won’t have to worry about hiding your nuzzling and cuddling with your sweetie — no kids, and no families at our resorts! It’s romance and love all the time, every time.

Come to The Poconos for a Romantic 4th of July Celebration Weekend!

This year, 2018, the 4th of July is on a Wednesday, but don’t let that stop you from making a whole weekend out of your 4th of July plans. Take Thursday and Friday off, and book a long stay at one of our Cove Haven locations!

Check out what each of our romantic getaway resorts has to offer:

  • Paradise Stream in Mount Pocono, PA

Located on Lake Eden, Paradise Stream is awesome for couples who love a cozy swimming pool and would enjoy relaxing couples’ massages at our wonderful spa. It’s the perfect spot for a honeymoon or anniversary!

  • Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA

This resort is located on a private body of water called Echo Lake. Right in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, you’ll find 189 luxurious suites here along with awesome entertainment every night at the Applause Nightclub!

  • Cove Haven in Lakeville, PA

This resort features all the best of our romantic facilities and amenities with the added bonus of tons of recreation and outdoor fun options! Head out on the lake for a day in the sun, then go back to the Champagne Palace Nightclub and enjoy a night cap with your boo.

What’s There to Do for the 4th of July in the Poconos?

Fireworks, of course! The Shawnee Fireworks display will take place at dusk on the 4th of July at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area. Gates will open at 7pm sharp, so be there with your blanket and snacks! All benefits will go the Shawnee Volunteer Fire Company. If rain delays the show, there will be a makeup display of fireworks on Friday, July 6th.

Book Your 4th of July Getaway Today!

Are you ready to get out of town, distress, and spend time with your honey at a luxurious and romantic resort in the mountains? To book now, head here and pick your dates and resort location!

Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series at Romantic Summer Resort

Who doesn’t love a pool party? And at Paradise Stream here in the Poconos, every summer Saturday turns into one: perfect fun-in-the-sun fodder for you and your romantic partner at our couples-only resort.

The Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series: 2018 Edition

The Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series kicks off on June 2nd and runs through the end of August, each Saturday soiree taking place from 1 to 4 PM. The talented DJ Chris headlines throughout the series except for the July 7th pool party, which will feature a live soundtrack by DJ Neil.

Fun, Games, & Refreshments at the Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series

Besides some bumpingly good music, these afternoon affairs will also involve pool games, drink specials, and loads of great food. If it’s Saturday in June, July, or August, poolside at Paradise Stream is most definitely where and your main squeeze will want to be at!

And don’t forget: Even if you’re staying at one of our other two properties here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts—Cove Haven proper or Pocono Palace—you can still come enjoy the Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series courtesy of our Key Around Club.

A Full Weekend’s Worth of Fun at Paradise Stream Resort

Like all of our resorts, Paradise Stream serves up a full platter of romantic fun and entertainment, and the Poolside DJ Series on summer Saturdays is only one component. You’ll be able to combine the lively pool party with all manner of other activities, from volleyball, archery, and horseshoeing to boating, hiking, and bicycling. Before heading down to the DJ-driven action, or perhaps the Sunday morning following, maybe you and that beloved of yours will take advantage of a relaxing couples massage at our spa.

And then there’s the live entertainment, offering some top-grade nightlife on the heels of your poolside carousing. Among the summer shows at the Paradise Stream Nightclub that’ll coincide with Poolside DJ Series Saturdays are the “definitive dance and party band” Into the Spin on June 9th and the wide-ranging Ernie G Band on July 14th.

Celebrate Summer With the 2018 Paradise Stream Poolside DJ Series

So come join us here at Paradise Stream (or our other Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts) and embrace the sunshine and good times of summer in style with our Poolside DJ Series, each and every Saturday in June, July, and August! Book your weekend getaway with us today so that you’re all set in the romantic-escape department. And hey: We’ll see you by the pool!

Idol Kings Concert at Cove Haven Resorts

Imagine a fantasy-world concert in which John Mellencamp, Journey, and Tom Petty all take the stage, one after the other, for your rockin’-out pleasure. Well, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we’re pleased to announce the next best thing to that dream bill: triple-decker concerts by the ace tribute band the Idol Kings coming up this summer!

Composed of well-oiled touring and session musicians who’ve recorded alongside the likes of Aerosmith and Bob Dylan, the Idol Kings put on a tribute show to these three legendary acts that comes packed to the gills with monster ‘80s hits. Grab that date of yours and get ready for a night of “Hurt So Good,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and other classic chart-toppers, delivered with an exuberant faithfulness to the originals that’s particularly impressive given the distinctive (and athletic) vocalists and iconic riffs we’re talking about.

The Idol Kings at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts: Summer 2018

The Idol Kings are returning to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts to put on a pair of Land of Love concerts. They’ll first take the stage at Cove Haven Resort on Saturday, June 9th, then pay a visit to Pocono Palace on Sunday, July 29th.

To say that an Idol Kings concert is crowd-pleasing is an understatement. These exceptional musicians pull out all the stops to celebrate some of the most enduring rock musicians of all time, and they tend to get just about the entire audience singing along. For those of you who grew up on Journey, Mellencamp, and/or Petty, the pleasures of the Idol Kings are partly nostalgic. Given the all-in gusto and musicianship the band brings to the task, however, the concert is very much a dynamic, rousing rock-and-roll party that’ll appeal to anybody looking for a head-banging blast of a good time with that special somebody of theirs!

Rock Out With the Idol Kings at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts This Summer

Experience a top-caliber tribute band in action by catching the Idol Kings at Cove Haven (June 9th) or Pocono Palace (July 29th), part of our stuffed-to-the-gills lineup of live entertainment this summer at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts! Given our on-site restaurants and bars, you and your main squeeze can make it an all-around night out in the Land of Love amid our resort wonderland—and then, of course, there’s your ultra-romantic Cove Haven suite to return to after the amped-up hit parade of the Idol Kings is over…

Paint Night in the Land of Love

Motivated by Matisse? Pumped about Picasso? Ready to go like Van Gogh?

Well, we’re very glad to hear about your artistic zest, and here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we want to give it a fun, couples-friendly outlet. Therefore we’re very happy to announce Paint Nights at Cove Haven and Pocono Palace!

Sip & Paint at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

There are two things that can make painting more enjoyable: (1) the company of your main squeeze and (2) the sort of libation that will unbridle your inspiration and unleash the full potential of your paintbrush. Well, that’s the name of the game at Sip & Paint sessions at Cove Haven and Pocono Palace, where you’ll learn how to produce your very own masterpiece—perhaps one you’re collaborating with alongside the partner who’s enjoying a Land of Love getaway with you.

Cash-only Paint Night goes down at Cove Haven Resort every Wednesday and Friday and at Pocono Palace every Wednesday. You can sign up for the brushwork bonanza at Cove Haven’s front desk or the Gift Shop at Pocono Palace; whether or not you choose to wear a beret is up to your own discretion.

Themed Events at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Paint Night at Cove Haven and Pocono Palace is only one example of the many themed events we offer here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts alongside live concerts, comedy and magic acts, indoor and outdoor recreation, spa sessions, and all the other Pocono Mountain delights that characterize our couples-only vacationlands. Other events include the Poolside DJ Series at Paradise Stream (every Saturday in June, July, and August) and the BBQs and games we’re throwing on Memorial Day weekend at all three of our properties.

And always remember: With our Key Around Club, guests at any one of our three resorts have the attractions of the other two to enjoy to the fullest!

Awaken Your Inner Artist at Paint Night at Cove Haven & Pocono Palace

So bring along that special somebody of yours to Paint Night at Cove Haven or Pocono Palace, and set your creativity loose on canvas together! The Land of Love is an inspiring place, after all, and making art together is a great way to deepen a romantic bond and add a little something new to the mix. Giving couples fun, engaging activities to do together in a gorgeous, decked-out luxury resort environment—that’s our M.O. here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, and Paint Night’s a great example!

Memorial Day Weekend in The Poconos

If you haven’t figured out how to mark Memorial Day 2018 yet, may we invite you to the Land of Love for some couples-only hospitality and fun here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts! We’ll be marking the holiday with a four-day celebration of our own, and you and your special somebody will definitely want to be a part of the occasion. There’ll be great food, live entertainment, games and prizes—all on top of the luxuriously romantic accommodations and decked-out amenities we shower our guests with all year round.

Memorial Day Weekend at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

There’ll be a whole slew of good stuff going down throughout Memorial Day weekend at each of our three Pocono Mountain resorts: Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream. In other words, whichever you choose for your romantic accommodations, you’ll be a part of the party—and, of course, thanks to our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Key Around Club, guests at any property have the facilities and attractions of the other two at their full disposal.

What’s on tap? Well, it wouldn’t be a proper Memorial Day weekend without a bit of fire cooking, now would it? And fret not, for we’re going to be firing up the BBQ for a backyard-style lunch cookout at each of our resorts: on Saturday, May 26th at both Cove Haven and Paradise Stream, and on Sunday, May 27th at Pocono Palace. Come join us!

Meanwhile there’ll be fun activities and prizes aplenty all weekend long, including the “Flag Hunt” challenge and the one-and-only Jumbo Water Pong, a spinoff of beer pong that involves (as the name suggests) the strong possibility of getting wet.

Memorial Day Weekend Live Shows at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

You’ll also have the option of taking in some onstage entertainment over Memorial Day weekend—as you do just about every weekend here at our Land of Love couples-only wonderland.

Comic John Knight will be performing at Paradise Stream on Friday, May 25th and at Pocono Palace the next evening, while Cove Haven will have its own standup routine under the spotlight courtesy of Teddy Smith on Saturday night. Also on Saturday, Pocono Palace will host a concert by Pop Rox at its Applause Nightclub.

Make it a Memorial Day Weekend to Remember in the Poconos With a Couples-Only Getaway at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Book your Memorial Day weekend stay at Pocono Palace, Paradise Stream, or Cove Haven today so you can be a part of our lively celebration here in the Poconos!

Best Resort near Pocono Raceway

Feel like putting the pedal to the metal, cranking up the octane, and making some glorious internal combustion engine-facilitated noise? We’ve got just the ticket for our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts couples.

Our Land of Love resorts lie within easy reach of one of the region’s standout NASCAR-caliber racetracks, Pocono Raceway, celebrating its 20th year in the business in 2018. And you’ve got an exclusive Raceway experience at your disposal when you stay with us!

The Stock Car Racing Experience

Among our awesome Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Ultimate Adventure Packages, you can take advantage of a special Stock Car Racing Experience deal only open to our guests.

It gives you the ability to get behind the wheel of a NASCAR-style stock car on the 2.5-mile Pocono Raceway track, with all the technical training and safety orientation you need beforehand.

High-thrills fun? Oh, you betcha.

Other Vroom-tastic Experiences at the Pocono Raceway

Besides driving one of those racecars yourself, you can also sit shotgun on a g-force-heavy ridealong with one of Pocono Raceway’s professional instructors taking the turns on the Super Speedway. It’s an amazing way to experience what these stock cars are capable of with some knowledgeable hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals!

You can also join forces with your sweetheart for some good old-fashioned friendly competition in the form of Team Pro Kart Racing, where you’ll be racing along at 50 miles per hour or more sitting a mere inch off the ground.

Or maybe instead of NASCAR stock racing you’ve always dreamed of slipping into the driver’s seat of a truly elite sports car: a Ferrari, say, or Lamborghini. Well, in that case, Pocono Raceway’s Exotic Driving Experience is for you: There’s a garage full of sleek luxury vehicles ready and waiting to make your motorized fantasy come true.

Pocono Raceway also offers adventures beyond the track itself. You can rent a Polaris Slingshot—a vaguely futuristic vehicle somewhere in between a car and a motorcycle—for some unique Pocono Mountain sightseeing out of a panoramic open-air cockpit! The best part? The Slingshot has dual seats, so it’s the perfect machine for a Cove Haven couple looking for a truly one-of-a-kind date-style day trip out of our resorts.

Experience Pocono Raceway From Your Romantic Accommodations at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

As we’ve mentioned, Pocono Raceway is nice and close to all three of our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts—especially Paradise Stream, less than a half-hour away. Take advantage of our exclusive Stock Car Racing Experience Ultimate Adventure Package and/or another of the Raceway’s high-speed attractions on your next visit!

The Great Outdoors in The Poconos

The gorgeous, heavily forested Pocono Mountains that envelop our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts are more than simply the Land of Love: They also harbor loads of outdoor adventure for all you swooning sweethearts, and our resort paradises provide fantastic access to all the action.

Here are just a few of the recreational opportunities to be had out and about in the spectacularly scenic Poconos while you’re lapping up the romance at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts!

Pocono Whitewater

The Pocono Mountains play host to some fabulous whitewater rafting and kayaking opportunities, not least in the Lehigh River Gorge: one of the Northeast’s greatest wildwater destinations. Pocono Whitewater leads a variety of rafting trips through the Lehigh Gorge, including exhilarating 12-mile rides down the dam-release flow with 17 rapids ranging from Class II to III scattered along the way. Another awesome and unique option is the company’s

Moonlight Rafting, which takes you on a nighttime journey down the Lehigh River on glowstick-equipped rafts and follows things up in note-perfect style with wine, cheese, and crackers around a bonfire.

Pocono Biking

The canyon of the Lehigh River isn’t just a world-class rafting destination: It’s also outstanding for cycling, thanks to the multiuse Lehigh Gorge Rail-Trail. Pocono Biking rents bicycles and offers shuttle services in the area, but also facilitates a variety of guided or curated outings, including the “Bike Train” trip combining a ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway with biking the Rail-Trail and the “Big Day Out” triple-header, an itinerary involving biking, hiking, and whitewater rafting the Lehigh Gorge: a big day indeed!

Camelback Mountain Adventures

Get off the ground entirely with Camelback Mountain Adventures! Here you and your main squeeze can take to a challenging and ridiculously fun Pocono treetop course encompassing better than 100 obstacles, from ziplines to “wobbly logs” to suspended bridges to ladders. Other high-adrenaline options on the slopes of Camelback Mountain include the Pocono Pipeline Mountain Slide, touring via Mountain Segways, and the aerial joyride of the Soaring Camel Twin Zip-Flyers: a mountaintop-to-base ride that ranks as North America’s longest Zip-Flyer course.

Explore the Great Outdoors in the Land of Love With Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

From hiking, horseback riding, and fishing to the wintry fun of snowshoeing and skiing, there’s a whole lot more to explore in the great outdoors of the Pocono Mountains. Staying at Paradise Stream, Pocono Palace, or Cove Haven, you’ve got the special pleasure of pursuing these outdoor adventures with couples-only Land of Love luxury!

Museums near Cove Haven Resorts

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart to the Poconos, consider adding a little culture into the mix. Cove Haven resorts in the Poconos have three locations where you and your partner can come to stay for a lovely romantic getaway: Cove Haven in Lakeville, PA, Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA & Paradise Stream in Mount Pocono, PA.

On the culture side of things, while you stay with us, consider visiting one or a few of the numerous museums and historical sites located near all our Poconos locations.

Enjoy a day out visiting these historical sites, then grab a candlelit dinner before heading back to your Cove Haven Resort and having a cozy night in, sipping wine and discussing everything you saw!

We’ve outlined just a few of the must-see museums in the area. Check them out below!

  1. The Schisler Museum and McMunn Planetarium

The Schisler Museum and McMunn Planetarium offers a place to explore both outerspace and nature here on earth! Enjoy the natural history and wildlife this site has to offer, then sit back and relax for a planetarium show that will blow your mind!

  1. The Slate Belt Museum

The Slate Belt Museum used to be Mount Bethel Presbyterian Church and was built around 1730. The area had been settled by approximately thirty Scotch-Irish families who moved into the area after the Walking Purchase had procured the land for soon-to-be American settlers. Enjoy special exhibits in this beautiful museum and see how these early settlers used to live!

  1. The Dutot Museum and Gallery

The Dutot Museum and Gallery is located in Delaware Water Gap, PA in an old one-room schoolhouse. The museum offers a slice of American life that took place in the Water Gap around 1850 to 1870. See real artifacts and living spaces from this era of United States history, and enjoy local art in the art gallery downstairs as well.

  1. The Dorflinger-Suydam Glass Museum

Located in nearby White Mills, PA, The Dorflinger-Suydam Glass Museum houses the nation’s largest collection of American brilliant-cut Dorflinger Glass.

Dorflinger Glass Works produced finely cut lead crystal for more than 50 years here. Some of the pieces even graced the tables of past American Presidents! Come see the special exhibits of this beautiful glass and hear the stories behind it.

Enjoy a Cultural (and Romantic!) Stay at Cove Haven Resorts

Cove Haven Resorts offers the must-visit destinations for couples of all sorts. Come to enjoy the luxurious suites and rooms we have to offer at any of our locations, and enjoy entertainment and couples’ events put on every week!

Cove Haven Resorts are all couples-only. We can’t wait to welcome you for your romantic getaway!

Into the Spin Playing Throughout the Year at Poconos Resort

This year, Cove Haven Resorts is proud to announce that one of our very favorite bands Into the Spin will be performing several times at our Poconos Resorts!

So if you’ve been hemming and hawing over when you’ll be making your romantic getaway reservations at either Cove Haven in Lakeville, PA , Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA, or Paradise Stream in Mount Pocono, PA, now you know when to book your stay!

Here are the dates when Into the Spin will be performing for at each of our Cove Haven Resorts:

Cove Haven in Lakeville, PA:

  • Saturday, October 20th
  • Saturday, December 15th

Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA:

  • Saturday, April 7th
  • Saturday, May 19th

Paradise Stream in Mount Pocono, PA:

  • Saturday, June 9th

Check out more information about Into the Spin and their amazing musical talents below, and don’t forget to visit their website too!

About Into the Spin

Since 2009, Into the Spin has been entertaining audiences in the northeast with their exciting, high-energy live entertainment. The band is led by Modern Drummer columnist and multi-platinum recording artist Jeremy Hummel. Together with this band mates, they’re the perfect musical guest for couples who love to get up off their chairs and dance!

Into the Spin performs all the rock, soul, modern, and classic songs you love, from your oldies favorites to recent hits of the 21st century. Just check out their eclectic song list here!

Book Your Romantic Couples Getaway at Cove Haven Resorts in the Poconos!

Are you and your sweetheart looking for a dreamy getaway to the Poconos? Not really interested in the typical “family resorts” that are often advertised in the Poconos?

Well, we’ve got just the thing.

Cove Haven Resorts put romance and love first and foremost. That’s because we have couples-only establishments — 3 in fact: Paradise Stream, Cove Haven, and Pocono Palace. Each one has a different vibe and is perfect for different types of couples.

For example, Paradise Stream is perfect for those who want a relaxing getaway with spa services like aromatherapy wraps and couples massages. On the other hand, if you like to get down and dirty — outside in nature that is … — try Cove Haven on Lake Wallenpaupack. Finally, there’s Pocono Palace, exclusive and high-end, just like country club living.

Not sure which one to choose? With our Key Around Program, you can visit all of the resorts and take advantage of each one’s amenities and services.

Ready to book? Head here to get started, and don’t forget to choose a time when Into the Spin will be with us!

Cove Haven – Romantic Getaways to the Poconos with the Forever Lovers Reunion Weekends

Ready to get cozy with your sweetheart? Now’s the time to book your stay at Cove Haven Resorts for our highly-sought after Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend!

The Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend will take place from Friday, May 4th until Sunday, May 6th, and it will be held at all of our resorts. Each location will have a different theme as outlined below.

What to Expect From Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend

Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend celebrates our most honored guests: You and your partner!

Come to reunite and bond with your longtime friends and acquaintances from the Cove, the Stream, and the Palace. Celebrate love and friendship with awesome, exclusive entertainment just for you and tons of super-fun and romantic activities — all put on by our CXOs.

And did someone say themed drinks? Yes! We’ll have those too — not to worry!

Themes at Each of Our Cove Haven Locations

Check out these marvelous themes we’ve arranged for each of our locations. And remember — if you choose one but are bummed you’ll be missing the others, no worries! We’ll be bringing all three themes back next year in different locations, so there will still be time to enjoy the fun!

Cove Haven in Lakeville, PA: Superhero Theme

Love getting outdoors with your boo? Combine your love for recreation and your love for your partner by visiting Cove Haven on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack!

Tired from a day on the lake? Head back to the Champagne Palace Nightclub for a sip on something strong and some great entertainment.

Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA: Glow Party Theme

Feel like you’re in a private club at Pocono Palace. Located on private Echo Lake in the heart of the mountains, this property features two restaurants, 189 suites, and of course, the Applause Nightclub with amazing entertainment for you and your honey.

Paradise Stream in Mount Pocono, PA: Hillbilly Theme

Finally, try our super relaxing location on private Lake Eden — the perfect honeymoon spot, but also great for anniversaries or “just becomes” romantic getaways. Paradise Stream features a swimming pool, two bars and two restaurants, a relaxing Spa, and more!

Book Your Romantic Getaway to Cove Haven Resorts Today!

You’re always welcome at Cove Haven Resorts! If you’re not familiar, we have 3 couples-only resorts in the Poconos and are well-known for our wild themed events, awesome entertainment, and amazing accommodations!

Our resorts are world-famous and all-inclusive. We even participate in a Key Around Program, which allows you to go from one resort to another and enjoy all of the facilities, services, and amenities at our three locations.

Looking for other special offers? Check out what we have going on now, but don’t miss booking a romantic getaway this May for our Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend! We’ll see you soon!