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5 Yummy Fall Cocktail Recipes

And, for many adults, it’s also a suitable time to unearth a bevy of delicious fall cocktail recipes. There’s nothing quite like tasting fall in a glass (or copper mug). It’s nearly impossible to pry a couple from their accommodation at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, especially when it’s a Roman Tower Suite or Champagne Tower Select. Therefore, we’ve compiled five of our favorite fall cocktail recipes, as selected by our staff members. When combined with a soak in a heart-shaped whirlpool tub or a fireside snuggle, these fall drinks are bound to turn up the heat.

5 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes: Living the Suite Life

Several online publications, such as Country Living, The Oprah Magazine, and Delish, unleash yearly lists stuffed with dozens of fall cocktail recipes. Sometimes there’s just too much eye candy in one place. Thus, we’ve pieced together a digestible, five-recipe compilation that is sure to provide a little extra spice this fall. Before we begin, it’s worth noting that all fantasy suites come equipped with a personal refrigerator.

1. Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail

If you’re searching for a smooth, tart fall cocktail recipe, you better purchase a bottle of artisanal gin. You’ll also need fresh apple cider, apple matchsticks, liquid honey, and a dash of cinnamon (among other things) to piece together this yummy concoction. It’s seasonal heaven in a glass.

2. Caramel Apple Moscow Mule Fall Cocktail

Keep your cinnamon sticks handy because this delectable cocktail is as autumnal as it gets. Combine caramel vodka, apple cider, lime juice, chilled ginger beer, and ground cinnamon and let your tastebuds bathe in the fall-y goodness.

3. Spiced Apple Margaritas

Margaritas often go hand in hand with summer. But that’s all about to change. We give you the spiced apple margarita, a festive, Middle Eastern specialty that enhances this classic Mexican drink. Reposado tequila is a must here, as you need that oak barrel-aged flavor.

4. Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

This mouthwatering recipe does require a kitchen, so it’s one to try at home. But it’s worth a spot on this list regardless. When combined with cider, cinnamon, allspice, and clove, rum has a way of pinning a smile on one’s face. Don’t forget the whipped cream topping!

5. Autumn Rickey

There are two ways to make a rickey: gin or bourbon. It’s a simplistic drink at heart. During autumn’s peak, a warming bourbon is the way to go. The key here is the maple syrup, which adds a much-needed sweetness to the drink for some.


Need more inspiration? Try these five helpful links:

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is less than two hours from the heart of New York City. The Pocono Mountains are closer than you think! It’s worth mentioning that we’re located near three spectacular distilleries that often craft their own unique fall cocktail recipes. They’re also the best places to nab hard-to-find bottles of artisanal spirit. Meanwhile, our adult-only resorts are proud to boast teams of talented mixologists that are more than willing to spice up your life on any given night. Before slipping into your Champagne Tower suite for the evening, remember to explore the region. Go apple picking, tree-top zip-lining, or leaf-peeping. Or, of course, stay on campus for some live entertainment, spa treatments, bicycling, and guided hiking. Please give us a call today at 800-432-9932 to book a long-awaited, autumn-themed romantic escape to our all-inclusive haven.

25 Fun Date Night Ideas: Cove Haven Edition

Throughout the year, couples from all across the East Coast flock to Cove Haven in search of something genuinely unique and undeniably playful. As we approach autumn, arguably the most romantic season of all, many lovebirds turn their attention to the surrounding foliage. Upon fall’s approach, the dense forestry transforms into a heartwarming meld of amber, crimson, marigold, and kelly green. However, the sun will inevitably begin to dip below the horizon. Thus, we’ve compiled 25 creative date night ideas in hopes of enhancing your upcoming romantic escape.

25 Tantalizing, Passionate Date Night Ideas

Hopefully, these 25 uninhibited date night ideas provide a bit of flair to your next couples-only getaway to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, an award-winning trio of alluring destinations in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Thanks to the all-inclusive Key Around Club, guests can enjoy the amenities at all three romantic resorts. As you can imagine, this creates a wholly customizable experience. You’re also encouraged to explore the very best of the region, such as Bushkill Falls, Mount Airy Casino, Boulder Field, and the Delaware Water Gap. Helpful hint: Remember to bookmark these 25 date night ideas for future reference.

  1. Sip on bubbly inside a seven-foot-tall Champagne Tower Whirlpool
  2. Stroll through Bushkill Falls’ 300-acre park
  3. Enjoy therapeutic spa treatments, such as the hot chocolate massage
  4. Sway to live music from a New York City artist
  5. Win a prize during trivia night
  6. Visit a local distillery
  7. Watch an in-room movie through LodgeNet—perhaps a sappy romance, a holiday-themed love story, or a boo-rific horror flick?
  8. Play a handful of tantalizing hotel games
  9. Swim underneath the stars
  10. Play billiards while sipping on tap brews or house cocktails
  11. Laugh until you cry during a live comedic performance
  12. Roller skate, hand-in-hand
  13. Try not to tumble into each others’ arms while ice skating
  14. Turn back the clock inside the on-site video arcade
  15. Zipline through the Pocono Mountains
  16. Up the ante at Mount Airy Casino
  17. Plan a candlelit picnic. Don’t forget the wine and chocolate-covered strawberries.
  18. Create an autumnal bucket list
  19. Start your own book club, accented by a meat and cheese spread and a pot of tea. Perhaps finish that thrilling beach read that you started earlier in the trip.
  20. Meander through a nearby vineyard at dusk
  21. Try a bevy of new, exotic cuisines
  22. Paint portraits of each other in your suite
  23. Sip on a flight of craft beer at a local brewery
  24. Double date with another couple at the resort
  25. Explore a historic small town, such as Stroudsburg, Jim Thorpe, or Honesdale

The Ultimate Couples Getaway in Pennsylvania

Thankfully for prospective guests, there’s still limited availability during autumn’s peak! Couples are urged to take full advantage of our hot deals, gift packages, and membership benefits. Unlike most Poconos lodges, Cove Haven’s accommodations are the main draw, primarily because of the wood-burning fireplaces, heart-shaped whirlpool baths, dry saunas, and heated pools. While these fun date night ideas will assuredly come in handy this fall (or winter), our Chief eXcitement Officers (CXOs) are readily available to amplify the experience. Please call us today at 800-432-9932 to book a well-deserved couples vacation (or check availability online).

Poconos ATV Rentals: Go Muddin’ near Cove Haven

As we gradually enter autumn’s vibrant realm, it’s natural for couples to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible before Jack Frost greets Northeast Pennsylvania. Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we embrace winter’s arrival as much as any other four-season destination. “Common” on-site winter activities include snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, snow tubing, and snowshoeing. However, the autumnal thrill of a multi-hour ATV ride underneath falling, colorful leafage is indescribable. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing a Poconos ATV rental.

Find Your Ride: Poconos ATV Rentals and Tours

Some couples arrive in the Pocono Mountains with their ATVs strapped down on their trailer. Others have never hopped aboard an ATV in their lifetime. Regardless, it’s important to point out that only three local outfits offer rental services and backcountry tours (as noted below). Typically, all signs point to Pocono ATVs on Grange Road, located only one mile away from Paradise Stream Resort.

Pocono ATVs – Mount Pocono

For obvious reasons, we typically steer guests to neighboring Pocono ATVs. Its convenient location is only outmatched by the affordability, gnarly terrain, and charismatic guides. After getting acquainted with your newfound Poconos ATV rental, you’ll motor into the “unknown” atop a state-of-the-art vehicle. With approximately 200 woodland acres at your disposal, you’ll be able to roar through the towering timbers at blazing speeds. If there has been a recent downpour, you’re in for a muddy surprise!

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours – Long Pond

If Pocono ATVs is fully booked or you feel like exploring the southwesterly topography, we recommend Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours in Long Pond. Two-seater tours cost only $115 per couple for an hour-plus of backland riding. There will be ample time to switch drivers throughout the guided excursion, which is grittier, quieter, and wilder than most tours in the region. As a point of reference, this Long Pond company is approximately 24 minutes away from Paradise Stream Resort.

The Lost Trails ATV Adventures – Dunmore

On the edge of the Wyoming Valley (Scranton and Wilkes-Barre), lies a 2,000-acre natural wonderland. Tours rumble through mostly rocky terrain with the Pocono Mountains seen at a distance. You’ll stumble across creeks, plenty of mud, a cave, and a lake en route to a dramatic climb to a jaw-dropping mountaintop overlook. Getting “lost” has never been so alluring. Because Lost Trails is closer to the city, their Poconos ATV rentals are a little pricier than other competitors. However, the experience is priceless!

All-Inclusive Resorts in Pennsylvania

If you’re hoping to avoid spending money on guided tours, look no further than Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Through our all-inclusive Key Around Club, you’ll obtain free access to snowmobiles, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing gear, kayaks, paintball guns, golf clubs, fishing rods, ice skates, bicycles, and so much more! Each adult-only escape also includes live entertainment, two meals daily, and, of course, a stay inside a world-famous Champagne Tower or heart-shaped whirlpool suite. To learn more about a potential couples getaway in Pennsylvania’s “honeymoon country,” please visit us online. Otherwise, you can call us directly at 800-432-9932.

Spray and Pray: Adult-Only Paintball in the Poconos

Escape to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” All three of our adult-only resorts are within two hours of New York City. Thus, you’re running out of excuses to not embark on a well-deserved couples’ vacation deep into the heart of the Poconos Mountains. Couples can partake in a wide variety of adventuresome activities, including archery, fishing, paddling, water tubing, and laser tag. You’ll also be happy to hear that we offer the only adult-only paintball in the Poconos.

Setting the Scene: Paintball in the Poconos

Whether you’re a “newb,” a “kamikaze,” or a “baller,” you’ll discover a little slice of paintball heaven in a remote field near Albrightsville. Through our year-round Paintball Package, which we’ll dissect a little later, couples can embark on a short journey to Skirmish’s head-turning, capacious field. Paintballers from all across the Northeast visit Skirmish to partake in some of the most elaborative wars on dazzlingly-designed grounds.


Skirmish boasts 700 acres (you read that right) of countryside real estate, which houses 50 paintball paddocks. Besides your classic pastures, woods, and creeks, this Albrightsville attraction features castles, cargo containers, villages, swamps, and tanks. It’s time to pump up the adrenaline and buckle up for some of the wildest, most intricate paintball in the Poconos!

The Paintball Package

Before continuing, it’s worth noting that our very own Pocono Palace Resort offers complimentary paintball in the Poconos’ honeymoon mecca. Obviously, the paintball wars that ensue on our property aren’t nearly as extreme as Skirmish’s contests. Now, the Paintball Package costs only $150 per couple. You don’t have to be a pro baller to appreciate this combo special, which includes Skirmish admission, air fills, camo overalls, belt packs, goggles, facemask, and, yes, 1,000 paintballs! That’s hours upon hours of ammunition for just $75 per person. Instead of searching for “paintball near me” this autumn, simply visit us at (or bookmark this article).

Romantic Places in Pennsylvania: Pocono Palace

After embarking on a tree-top canopy tour, relishing a lakeside picnic, and enjoying some electrifying paintball in the Poconos, head inside for a hearty gourmet dinner. Potential culinary delights include Caribbean mahi-mahi, lobster ravioli, and prime rib. Don’t forget that Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is all-inclusive, consisting of two meals daily, dozens of on-site activities, live entertainment, and seductive fantasy suites. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon getaway, a romantic escape, or a last-minute vacay, you’ll instantly fall in love with Cove Haven’s unique blend of romance, convenience, entertainment, beauty, and hospitality. Start the planning process by giving us a call today at 800-432-9932. You can also book directly online to save money and avoid hidden third-party fees.

The Top 3 Apple Orchards in Pennsylvania

The mountains and hillocks that roll through the countryside in Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as neighboring New York and New Jersey, provide idyllic temperatures and soil for fruit-forward farmsteads. Strawberries, blueberries, and even peaches thrive in the backcountry near Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, the country’s most beloved adult-only romantic escape. Many of the finest apple orchards in Pennsylvania are a short drive from our honeymoon resorts. Thus, we’ve decided to spice up your day with a healthy serving of Galas, Honeycrisps, and Ginger Golds.

Apple Orchards in Pennsylvania: Ripe for the Picking

While most couples have strolled through an apple orchard at least once in their lifetime together, it’s important to note just how utterly playful and flirtatious the experience is (regardless if you’re keen on fruit or not). The surrounding Pocono Mountains, which just happen to be shedding their summer “skin” during peak picking season, provide quite the backdrop at these three hand-selected apple orchards in Pennsylvania’s “honeymoon capital.” Without further ado, let’s take a bite out of the local orchard scene.

Grim’s Orchard & Family Farms – Breinigsville, PA

West of Allentown lies a quaint, lovely pumpkin and apple orchard known as Grim’s. There’s certainly nothing grim about spending an afternoon at Grim’s Family Farm, a multi-purpose extravaganza that’s equally kid-friendly and seasonally enticing. The farm boasts many cute animals (including piglets and goat kids), a corn maze, a makeshift go-kart track, a “hay place,” and, of course, several acres of pick-your-own fruit. Grim’s remains one of the most underrated apple orchards in Pennsylvania. We simply cannot get enough of several varieties, including Shizuka, Crimson Jonagold, and Pixie Crunch.

Lakeland Orchard & Cidery – Scott Township, PA

Approximately 30 miles northwest of Cove Haven Resort lies Lakeland Orchard, a family-owned, U-pick institution. With over 30 different types of apple hybrids, Lakeland isn’t short on innovation. The family farm spans over 100 acres, including a sunflower meadow, a zinnia field, and a pumpkin patch. But most folks arrive in hopes of filling a peck or two with juicy, crisp apples. Make sure to allot plenty of time, as the farm features over 20,000 apple trees. Come for the apples, stay for the hard cider, live music, and yard games!

Gulick Fruit Farm – Bangor, PA

Have you ever visited a fifth-generation fruit farm? Yeah, us neither. Until we discovered the Gulick Fruit Farm in Bangor, which is only a few miles south of the jaw-dropping Delaware Water Gap. Don’t expect the type of programming, amenities, and sheer acreage offered at Lakeland or Grim’s. However, the panoramic Pocono Mountain views are undeniably sublime, especially around dusk. A trip to Gulick only requires an hour or two, which aligns perfectly with a stay at nearby Pocono Palace Resort.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Pennsylvania: Cove Haven³

After spending a late morning or early afternoon at one of the prettiest apple orchards in Pennsylvania, remember to utilize your exclusive access to Cove Haven’s Key Around Club. Club access allows guests to partake in any activity at any of our three resorts! Don’t forget that an all-inclusive stay with Cove Haven includes two gourmet meals daily, unlimited access to our on-site activities, live entertainment, and, last but not least, a tantalizing accommodation, such as the world-famous Champagne Tower Whirlpool suite. Apple picking in the Poconos has never been sexier, thanks to our array of all-inclusive luxuries! Please give us a call today at 800-432-9932 (or check availability online) to book a well-deserved, long-awaited romantic escape to the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.”

After Dark Romance at Cove Haven: 10 Tantalizing Activities

Thankfully, Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” remains a beacon of light in the heart of the rolling Pocono Mountains. Couples can fill their days with gourmet cuisines, absolute relaxation, playful (and complimentary) activities before dusk inevitably arrives as the sun dips behind the densely-forested horizon. With Cove Haven’s live entertainment programming adhering to the state’s health guidelines, sweethearts could potentially have a little extra after dark free time on their hands this autumn. Thus, we’ve pieced together a fun after dark activity guide. After all, there’s nothing quite as a seductive as a healthy dose of moonlit romance.

Cove Haven after Dark: Playful, Uninhibited, and Liberating

As you might imagine, most couples choose to spend the hours superseding twilight inside a luxury suite, complete with a fireplace, sauna, and heart-shaped pool. However, you’re free to move about the campus in search of some outdoorsy seclusion underneath a blanket of stars and a curious moon. After dark romance naturally provides elements of seduction, energy, and adventure to an already stellar day in the Pocono Mountains.

  1. Stargaze during a hand-in-hand walk amid dense forestry, moonlit spring water, and the soothing sounds of nature.
  2. Soak in a world-famous Champagne Tower Whirlpool.
  3. Sway to live music from a local musician, skilled DJ, or renowned performer.
  4. Plan an outdoor candlelit picnic, complete with a bottle of wine, chocolate-covered desserts, and a “midnight” snack.
  5. Enjoy a nightcap inside one of our dazzling, retro bars.
  6. Swim underneath the stars in a glowing pool or pristine Lake Wallenpaupack.
  7. Play a bevy of tantalizing hotel games in your suite.
  8. Host a two-person wine (or beer) tasting. Make sure to check out our local winery and craft beer guides beforehand.
  9. Go fishing after dark. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band had it right, after all.
  10. Create your own Poconos-style bucket list.

Romantic Getaways in Pennsylvania

As a reminder, Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts has three distinctly romantic couples getaways in Pennsylvania, just a short distance from New York City. Each romantic escape is all-inclusive, including two meals daily, dozens of on-site activities, live entertainment, and, of course, some of the most desirable fantasy suites in the country. We’re equal parts a honeymoon resort, an adult vacation, and a couples’ destination. Whether you’re outdoor enthusiasts, parents in need of some “us time,” or honeymooners, you’ll quickly discover the allure of our particularly gorgeous slice of the Northeast. Book directly today to avoid hidden third-party fees. You can also call us at 800-432-9932.

How to Travel with Your Love: 10 Travel Tips for Couples

It takes years to learn each other’s dietary restrictions, desired destinations, idyllic mid-day activities, sleeping habits, budgetary ideals, and taboo road trip subjects. Oftentimes, these aspects may differ on vacation in comparison to real life. Believe it or not, but most people’s personalities change while traveling. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for the worse. Also, one person’s expectations may vastly differ from their partner’s vision. Thus, many couples opt to choose an all-inclusive destination where worries about fluctuating budgets, tourist traps, and mid-day lulls float away like a child’s balloon. To ensure that your first romantic escape to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is nothing short of flawless, we’ve pieced together 10 travel tips for couples.

10 Travel Tips for Couples: Balance, Compromise, and Romance

Whether you’ve never traveled together or you’re looking for ways to enhance your next adult-only getaway into the Pocono Mountains, these 10 travel tips for couples should provide ample balance to the trip. Traveling as a couple, much like relationships, takes compromise, patience, and honesty. And, please, do whatever you can to amplify the fun. We’ll certainly do our part!

  1. Plan a detailed itinerary – Planning a trip together takes several hours of research, conversation, and maneuvering. But, at the end of the day, it’s well worth it. Compromise is key here. And don’t forget to compile a list of potential backup plans in case inclement weather rolls through.
  2. Bring a heap of in-suite accessories – Whether a storm’s in the area or you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your suite, it’s always a good idea to bring games, music, candles, scented oils, and reading materials.
  3. Make a playlist for the road trip – Utilize Spotify by piecing together a lengthy playlist filled with all of your favorite road trip-esque tracks. Take turns making song selections so that there’s plenty of genre variance.
  4. Plan a surprise for him or her – Itineraries are key, but sometimes a surprise pit stop, gift, or activity is precisely what’s needed to spice things up a notch.
  5. Unplug – Turn off those smartphones. Leave the laptop at home. Focus your energy on each other.
  6. Try new things – Vacation is the perfect time to try as many new things as humanly possible. Learning new skills, especially when accomplished together, is incredibly invigorating and undeniably tantalizing.
  7. Eat healthily – It’s vital to know each other’s dietary restrictions, first and foremost. You also don’t want to feel sluggish at any point during the trip. Luckily, we offer a diverse range of eats, from juicy steaks to fresh salads and pan-fried fish.
  8. Stick to the budget – Make room in the budget for a couple of luxuries or pleasures. However, going off-script can lead to unexpected financial stressors.
  9. Take photos (but stay in the moment) – Photography plays an integral role in travel. Being able to look back on a trip and feel something is very important. However, don’t get lost behind the lens. Make time for photos, but remain grounded in the moment itself.
  10. Sleep in – It’s a vacation after all. No alarms needed here. Earlybirds will likely rise with the sun anyway. Don’t let technology tell you when it’s time to greet the day. Naturally, our bodies tell us when it’s appropriate to rise.

An Idyllic Couples Getaway in Pennsylvania

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, with the help of our worldly CXOs (Chief eXcitement Officers), is here to ensure that your long-awaited couples retreat or honeymoon getaway is near perfection. We offer the complete package: renowned fantasy suites, gourmet cuisines, dozens of complimentary activities, live entertainment, and sprawling acreage. Thanks to our vast array of on-site amenities, performances, and activities, you’ll rarely have to compromise this summer or fall. Swim, paddle, sip, bicycle, skate, and tan until the sun dips below the horizon. To book directly (and save money), please give us a call today at 800-432-9932. For even more travel tips for couples, please click the links below:




10 Intimate, Memorable Pocono Adventures

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that outdoor recreation still plays a massive role in our relationships. The mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests of Eastern Pennsylvania have never been more enticing than they are today. Luckily for couples in need of an extended weekend of memorable Pocono adventures, Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is nestled in the lush, rolling backcountry, approximately 90 miles from Manhattan.

10 Pocono Adventures: Excitement and Seduction

Outdoor recreation often gets a bad rap. Contrary to popular belief, some of the most tantalizing Pocono adventures don’t take place in a suite, pool, or beach. Oftentimes, seduction, desire, and flirtation flourish amid Mother Nature’s warm embrace, deep in the Pocono heartland. Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, a beloved, adult-only romantic escape, proudly presents the Key Around Club. This exclusive club provides access to all three of our honeymoon resorts, including dozens of complimentary activities, curated by our CXOs (Chief eXcitement Officers). Because we boast three all-inclusive resorts in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, you’ll never be more than a stroll, bicycle ride, or short drive from one of these 10 Pocono adventures.

  1. Forest bathing – OK, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is forest bathing?” Well, this ancient Japanese art form is all about utilizing your five senses. While remaining silent, listen to nature’s call, smell the fresh flora, observe the swaying greenery, feel the mossy trees, and taste the earth’s edible delights.
  2. Geocaching – Join the world’s largest treasure hunt in search of another couple’s prized artifact or memory.
  3. Birding – At its core, birding (or “birdwatching”) is easy. However, a pair of binoculars can only amplify the experience. Birding takes patience, cunning, and a keen eye. Common birds in the area include meadowlarks, bald eagles, ladder-backed woodpeckers, and cardinals.
  4. Horseback riding – We have strong relationships with three nearby riding stables in Honesdale, Cresco, and Waymart. Horseback riding is equally playful, uninhibited, and invigorating. Plus, the horses are quite beautiful and majestic.
  5. Berry picking – A sizable, undeniably romantic blueberry farm lies near the edge of Lake Wallenpaupack, just down the road from Cove Haven Resort.
  6. Waterfalling – The subtle art of “waterfalling” is as tantalizing as any other outdoor activity. There’s just something magical about exploring new terrain with your partner, far from civilization’s commotion and infrastructure.
  7. Fishing – All three of our couples destinations are located near water, including the famous Lake Wallenpaupack. Bait, hook, and reel in a monster walleye, slippery brown trout, or feisty smallmouth bass before posing for a keepsake photo!
  8. Kayaking – The aforementioned Lake Wallenpaupack provides 5,700 acres of potential paddle-forward Pocono adventures. You can also kayak on Pocono Palace Resort’s private Echo Lake.
  9. Cycling – There’s a seemingly endless network of bike paths and cycle-friendly backcountry roads in the Pocono Mountains. We provide complimentary bike rentals to ALL guests!
  10. Archery – Archery is quite intimate in nature. To learn the craft, one must be taught in close quarters. Why not learn the sport together? Laughs, shrieks of joy, and, hopefully, bullseyes will ensure.

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania

Follow these 10 unique Pocono adventures with an evening of delectable culinary creations, live entertainment, and a bevy of hotel games inside one of our prized fantasy suites. Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” is known for its dazzling Champagne Tower Suites. But don’t overlook the fact that our all-inclusive packages also include two meals daily, shuttle services, curated activities, and, yes, live performances. Please check back often to look over our continuously updating list of performers. We also recommend reading about the many ways we’re keeping you safe. Check out our hot deals to learn how to save money on your next couples vacation.

Mt. Pocono, PA: Home to Couples-Only Paradise Stream Resort

Paradise Stream remains the pride of Mt. Pocono, a quiet, undeniably scenic mountain town between the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and The Electric City. Throughout all four beautifully dissimilar seasons, Paradise Stream entices couples from all across the Northeast in need of a well-deserved romantic escape. Mt. Pocono itself, however, is a uniquely pristine slice of the Pocono Mountains, with its many preserves, quaint cafes, and surrounding attractions.

Mt. Pocono: A Quintessential Mountain Town

The town of Mt. Pocono has become synonymous with romance, mainly because of Paradise Stream Resort’s 143-suite castle of seduction. Mt. Pocono is a mere 90-mile scenic drive from the Manhattan Bridge, the gateway to the country’s most dazzling city. That being said, even Manhattanites need a brief respite from the city’s hustle and racket. Sleepy Mt. Pocono is an idyllic spot to enjoy lunch while mingling with locals and reminiscing of a long-overdue couples retreat.


After a mid-day meal at charming Fork Street Bistro, lively Mi Casa, or authentic Bella Villa Pizza, visit a nearby brewery or distillery. Pocono Brewing Company, Silverback Distillery, and Barley Creek Brewing Company are all a short drive from our adult-only resort. And don’t forget about the outdoors: Bushkill Falls, Tobyhanna State Park, Big Pocono State Park, Mountain Creek Riding Stables, and the Delaware Water Gap all provide a beautiful backdrop to a playful afternoon stroll with your partner.

Paradise Stream: A Heavenly Honeymoon Resort

But, of course, Paradise Stream Resort’s guests don’t have to wander off-site to bask in the sheer beauty of the sprawling Pocono Mountains. All-inclusive packages include a bevy of complimentary outdoor activities, such as bicycling, tennis, archery, hiking, and fishing. During the warmest summer afternoons, couples gravitate toward our outdoor swimming pool with a Mango Tequila Sunrise cocktail in hand from TanLines Bar. Packages also include two meals daily, nightly live entertainment, concierge services from our CXOs (Chief eXcitement Officers), and the most tantalizing fantasy suites near New York City.

To book a long-awaited Poconos weekend getaway to Mt. Pocono, please give us a call today at 800-432-9932. You can also book directly online at

The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt: Geocaching near Cove Haven

This “sport” has spread like wildfire across North America, including right here in the sprawling Pocono Mountains. Naturally, the mountains are an idyllic place to hide a treasure trove of goodies, trinkets, and heartfelt keepsakes. In fact, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, many clever lovers utilize the art of a geocache proposal, in which the cache itself is a diamond ring.

Geocaching 101

Without getting overly technical, geocaching is, in broad terms, a 21st-century GPS-enabled treasure hunt where outdoor enthusiasts seek (or hide) a “cache” using nothing but a smartphone, cryptic directions, and years of intuition. There are several apps on the market, but is the obvious choice. Instead of blindly searching for the “best places to go geocaching near me,” simply enter the app and get started. You’ll be happy to know that there are hundreds of caches near all three of our historic couples retreats. For those that have never geocached with your partner, this hobby can be quite playful, romantic, and flirtatious.

3 Adult-Only Resorts, Hundreds of Possibilities

We won’t spend too much time on the details. Instead, we’ll leave the exploration to you and your partner. After all, the “hunt” is the best part of each adventure. It’s worth noting that Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts provides a bevy of complimentary on-site activities, such as bicycling, paintball, and kayaking. There are also several nearby diversions, including mountaintop ziplining, craft distilleries, and horseback riding. Oh, and a tantalizing Champagne Tower Suite is waiting for you at the end of each day.


Many caches lie near Pennsylvania Route 940 within minutes of Paradise Stream Resort. Nearby Kurmes Preserve is said to have a handful of challenging caches and countless acres of sheer tranquility. As you might expect, Cove Haven Resort is a short distance from “The Tunnel of Love,” a small cache near the property’s entrance. Countless hidden gems lie on both ends of Lake Wallenpaupack, including “The Forgotten Woods” and “Pebble Beach Peek-a-boo.” Pocono Palace Resort, the pride of East Stroudsberg, is a short drive from Mt. Nebo Park, home to nearly a dozen caches. We recommend purchasing (or creating) a “geocaching toolbox” if you aim to spend several hours in the dense Pocono wilderness.

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Pennsylvania

There’s never been a more desirable time in history to escape New York City en route to the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” But, of course, you don’t have to be a honeymooner to plan an extended weekend getaway to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Spend your days sunbathing, swimming, sipping cocktails, and paddling before indulging in steak, live music, and a late-night fireside snuggle in your private suite. Before booking directly, don’t forget to browse through our blazing hot deals online.