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Cove Haven: Adding a Special Touch with our Romantic Gifts at our Poconos Resorts

February 27, 2018

Our three lavish lovers’ getaways in the Poconos serve up deliciously romantic accommodations and an unbeatable spread of amenities...

At Cove Pocono Resorts, our three lavish lovers’ getaways in the Poconos serve up deliciously romantic accommodations and an unbeatable spread of amenities, activities, dining opportunities, and live entertainment to give our guests the very best couples-only experience imaginable.

The sexy suites are magical enough as is, but you might consider making them even more so by taking advantage of the romantic gift packages we offer here at Cove Haven. We can basically guarantee your main squeeze will be bowled right on over when the gift is delivered to your door with a personalized message.

Bubble Baths & Champagne to Chocolately Charms: Romance-Ready Gifts From Cove Haven

What sorts of things do we provide to crank that romance dial up to 11? Well, consider our Suite Seduction offer, which supplies a log for the fireplace, bubble-bath liquid, tasty chocolate, candles, and a silver-tone champagne bucket paired with champagne glasses—not to mention rose petals scattered about your suite. Our Passion Package includes a Duraflame log, scented bubble bath, a split of bubbly, and a complimentary photo album to boot.

Or simply go lean-and-mean with our Fire Log deal: Ramp up the in-suite atmosphere with a Duraflame log for $8 each or a pair for $13.95—and outfit yourself with as many as you deem necessary for romantic purposes!

Those Cove Haven suite accouterments only scratch the surface of the romantic packages we provide. Romance is closely tied to the taste buds, of course, so perhaps consider one of our many culinary bundles: from hand-feeding-friendly Chocolate Truffles or a personalizable Ice Cream Cake to the delectably decadent Be Mine Strawberries & Wine platter available at Paradise Stream, which pairs chocolate-covered strawberries and an array of toppings with a bottle from the local Blue Ridge Wineries.

Then there are the Mint Peppermint Foot Massages and Couple’s Spa Collections for full-on intimacy; the festive Balloon Bouquet for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion; and the Photography offer, which sees one of our professional resort photographers immortalize your Cove Haven getaway wherever you want to pose.

Enjoy the Icing on the Cake With a Cove Haven Entertainment Resort Romantic Gift Package

Think of these gift packages as the icing on the cake of the high-caliber romantic luxury we specialize in here at Cove Pocono Resorts. Peruse the full list of offerings and choose one (or more!) that seem to match the occasion and the partner.