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Cove Haven Cove

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Paradise Stream Paradise

A diva is always going to want to do things her way, but a distorted diva? She’s going to get her way. Prepare for the most fabulously fantastical live show of your lifetime when the Distorted Divas Drag Queens take Paradise Stream by storm! The most wild celebrity impersonation show you’ll ever see. No, seriously.

All of your favorite divas, old and new come back to life on the Paradise Stream stage for one night only. Featuring more glitz, hairspray, and dazzling costumes than you can shake a stiletto at, the tributes will be stealing the spotlight one after another, with tributes to some of the most talented leading ladies in the history of entertainment. These “ladies” with a secret want you to have fun and you’ll have no choice but to laugh, cheer, and beg for more.

From Whitney Houston, to Miley Cyrus, Tina Turner and more…You never know what fabulous DIVA will grace us with their presence unless you’re there- so please, join us for the Distorted Divas Drag Queen show at Paradise Stream this November.

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