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Kiss Winter Goodbye: Spring-Flavored Romantic Vacation Spots

March 6, 2020

Spring’s long-awaited thaw signifies restoration—a reawakening of sorts, especially for couples in search of a tantalizing respite.

Winters are hard on people, and the Northeast is no exception. Slippery roads, prolonged commutes, spur-of-the-moment snow days, and varying degrees of seasonal affective disorder take a toll on parents. Thus, the idea behind Cove Pocono Resorts was conceived. Over the past 60 years, Cove Haven has evolved into one of the most beloved romantic vacation spots in North America. There’s something to be said about the unique allure of all-inclusive romance, including Champagne Tower Whirlpool soaks, gourmet cuisine, and nightly live entertainment.

Say “Sayonara” to Snow and Tumultuous New York City

There’s nothing illogical about growing increasingly tired of winter’s stronghold, especially amid a particularly chilly or snowy season. By the time spring materializes, we’re all ready to grab our sweetheart’s hand and just get away together. And there’s something freeing about silenced alarm clocks, lakeside picnics, and sunset strolls with a significant other. All three of our ultra-romantic vacation spots (in Lakeville, East Stroudsberg, and Mount Pocono) are within two hours of lively New York City, so you’re only a short, scenic car ride from several days of playful, passionate fun.

Seek the Outdoors

What makes spring different from all other seasons is the fact that everyone is aching to explore the outdoors without sporting weighty jackets and giant boots. Luckily for you and your beau (or darling), Cove Haven provides complimentary access to countless outdoor activities, including bicycling, kayaking, archery, hiking, fishing, and paintball. Most romantic vacation spots gouge guests with unexpected rental fees—but not us. Every activity and rental is available at all three resorts via our Key Around Club, which comes in handy for those with a serious penchant for adventure.

Romantic Vacation Spots | Escape into the Poconos

As one of the premier romantic vacation spots in the U.S., our team is continuously enhancing the guest experience. In recent years, we’ve undergone extensive modernizations, welcomed world-renowned comedians, and added a plethora of new, mouthwatering entrees to our all-inclusive dining service. But, of course, you’re more than welcome to explore the glory of the Pocono Mountains in neighboring communities. Spring is the perfect time to visit a sleek distillery, go waterfalling, or try horseback riding. To learn more about our Poconos weekend getaway deals, romantic vacation packages, and head-turning accommodations, please visit us online. You can also call us directly at 1-800-432-9932.