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Memorial Day Weekend in The Poconos

May 2, 2018

If you haven’t figured out how to mark Memorial Day 2018 yet, may we invite you to the Land of Love for some couples-only hospitality and fun here!

If you haven’t figured out how to mark Memorial Day 2018 yet, may we invite you to the Land of Love for some couples-only hospitality and fun here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts! We’ll be marking the holiday with a four-day celebration of our own, and you and your special somebody will definitely want to be a part of the occasion. There’ll be great food, live entertainment, games and prizes—all on top of the luxuriously romantic accommodations and decked-out amenities we shower our guests with all year round.

Memorial Day Weekend at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

There’ll be a whole slew of good stuff going down throughout Memorial Day weekend at each of our three Pocono Mountain resorts: Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream. In other words, whichever you choose for your romantic accommodations, you’ll be a part of the party—and, of course, thanks to our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Key Around Club, guests at any property have the facilities and attractions of the other two at their full disposal.

What’s on tap? Well, it wouldn’t be a proper Memorial Day weekend without a bit of fire cooking, now would it? And fret not, for we’re going to be firing up the BBQ for a backyard-style lunch cookout at each of our resorts: on Saturday, May 26th at both Cove Haven and Paradise Stream, and on Sunday, May 27th at Pocono Palace. Come join us!

Meanwhile there’ll be fun activities and prizes aplenty all weekend long, including the “Flag Hunt” challenge and the one-and-only Jumbo Water Pong, a spinoff of beer pong that involves (as the name suggests) the strong possibility of getting wet.

Memorial Day Weekend Live Shows at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

You’ll also have the option of taking in some onstage entertainment over Memorial Day weekend—as you do just about every weekend here at our Land of Love couples-only wonderland.

Comic John Knight will be performing at Paradise Stream on Friday, May 25th and at Pocono Palace the next evening, while Cove Haven will have its own standup routine under the spotlight courtesy of Teddy Smith on Saturday night. Also on Saturday, Pocono Palace will host a concert by Pop Rox at its Applause Nightclub.

Make it a Memorial Day Weekend to Remember in the Poconos With a Couples-Only Getaway at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Book your Memorial Day weekend stay at Pocono Palace, Paradise Stream, or Cove Haven today so you can be a part of our lively celebration here in the Poconos!