Past Entertainment

See what you missed at Cove Pocono Resorts.

Forever Lovers Reunion Weekend
May 2022
Trout Release!
April 2022
Valentine’s Day
February 2022
Witches Ball
October 2021
Old West Covetoberfest
October 2021
Monster Prom
October 2021
ZZ-KC: The ZZ Top Tribute
September 2021
Sons of Skynyrd: The Premiere Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute
September 2021
Midnight Rock Show
September 2021
Green River – The CCR Tribute Band
September 2021
Cove Haven Rock Festival
September 2021
Labor Day Weekend
September 2021
Parrot Beach: The Jimmy Buffett Tribute
August 2021
7800 Fahrenheit- the Bon Jovi Tribute
July 2021
Forever Lovers Appreciation Weekend
May 2021
The Big Game Celebration
February 2021
Thanksgiving In The Land of Love
November 2020