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10 Must-See Natural Attractions in the Pocono Mountains

January 28, 2021

The Key Around Club grants access to all three Cove Pocono Resorts, located in Lakeville, East Stroudsburg, and Mount Pocono, respectively.

In a matter of hours, sweethearts can play paintball at Pocono Palace, go tubing at Cove Haven, and embark on a guided nature walk at Paradise Stream. Naturally, in-between these mid-day adventures, many couples smartly schedule a detour (or two) into the heart of the Pocono Mountains en route to a natural attraction, such as a head-turning waterfall, a jaw-dropping Delaware Water Gap overlook, or an environmental preserve.

The Prettiest Natural Attractions in the Pocono Mountains

Today, the Cove Haven team has assembled 10 must-see natural attractions in the Pocono Mountains. With nearly 2,400 square miles of rolling hills, steep slopes, and still lakes, there’s seemingly no end to the region’s stunning natural beauty. Repeat travelers revere the landscape for its hidden waterfalls, mountain hikes, and surprisingly serene lakeside beaches. Within minutes of the Pocono escarpment, nature enthusiasts will discover everything from peat bogs to glacier-carved valleys and metamorphosed highlands.

  1. Bushkill Falls: The “Niagara of Pennsylvania” will always be the Pocono Mountains’ top natural attraction, primarily due to its stunning collection of eight waterfalls. On-site amenities range from miniature golf to Twin Lakes fishing access and gemstone mining.
  2. Boulder Field: Hickory Run State Park’s Boulder Field is an 18-acre landmass that’s entirely blanketed by massive sandstone rocks, some of which measure over 30 feet in length.
  3. Mount Minsi: Several Delaware Water Gap hiking trails (including Tank Hollow and Mount Tammery) lead to dramatic valley overlooks, but none of them are as genuinely spellbinding as Mount Minsi, 1,460-foot-tall Blue Mountain.
  4. Dingmans Falls: Very few Northeastern waterfalls can match Dingmans Creek’s aesthetic. It’s home to several waterfalls, including breathtaking Dingmans Falls and lesser-known Silverthread Falls.
  5. Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center: Planning a trip to Kettle Creek is a must, especially if you appreciate birding, forest bathing, and educational hiking. Kettle Creek’s wildlife sanctuary spans 166 acres, home to thriving amphibian, reptile, and bird populations.
  6. Lacawac Sanctuary: Lake Ariel’s 500-acre “living laboratory” remains one of the Pocono Mountains’ best natural attractions, chiefly due to its experiential learning opportunities. Inhabitants include beavers, foxes, otters, porcupines, golden-winged warblers, and deer.
  7. George W. Childs Park: Childs Park itself hugs Dingmans Creek and provides a Bushkill Falls-like experience with its many waterfalls, bridges, and peaceful pathways.
  8. Hornbecks Creek: Hornsbecks Creek, which rests just a few clicks south of Dingmans, steadily flows into the Delaware River. It’s home to one of the most overlooked two-mile trails in the state, often referred to as “Indian Ladders.”
  9. Columcille Megalith Park: Yes, some aspects of Megalith Park are human-made. However, there’s nothing quite like it in Pennsylvania. It’s a spiritual journey that combines head-turning artworks and monuments with the area’s picturesque scenery.
  10. Lake Wallenpaupack: The Office’s 2006 “Booze Cruise” episode led to a surge of curious tourists to Cove Haven’s own Lake Wallenpaupack, a 5,700-acre that didn’t exist until a dam was erected 95 years ago. As the fifth-largest lake in Pennsylvania, it has become a beloved aquatic destination.

An Extended Weekend Getaway in the Pocono Mountains

After visiting one (or two) of these beautiful natural attractions, return to Cove Pocono Resorts for an unforgettable evening. The Month of Love draws near, so don’t forget to book that long-overdue romantic escape to the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” In February, every day is Valentine’s Day at Cove Haven. As usual, on-site activities will include champagne toasts, hot cocoa relays, chocolate tastings, ice carving, cooking demonstrations, photoshoots, cocktail-making showcases, lap dance classes, s’mores, trivia, and so much more! These all-inclusive packages sell out fast, so please call us today at 800-432-9932 (or check availability online).