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Say “I Do” to These Winter Proposal Ideas 

October 7, 2022

I do!

Say “I Do” to These Winter Proposal Ideas 

Are you getting ready to pop the question? Don’t let the cooling weather stop you; a winter proposal can be incredibly romantic. In fact, the five most common proposal dates of the year fall between November and February, so if you want to propose during the winter, you’re far from alone. 

If you’re looking for ideas on the ultimate winter proposal, you’ve come to the right place; Cove Pocono Resorts helped spark romance for decades. We would love to help you with some of our winter proposal ideas, and afterward, you and your partner can plan a romantic getaway to one of our adults-only resorts in the Poconos. Here are five fabulous winter proposal ideas that will woo your sweetheart. 

5 Winter Proposal Ideas 

No matter the time of year, the key to an amazing proposal is knowing your partner and confidence. If you’re planning on proposing, you shouldn’t have to worry about the former.

Remember, this is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with; proposing might feel a little scary, but relax, you’ve got this! With that out of the way, it’s time to get into our winter-inspired proposal ideas. 

Take a Stroll in the Cold 

Brave the elements and take a romantic walk with your partner, and if you have a park or trail that’s meaningful to your relationship, even better. Regardless, spending some alone time in a winter setting is incredibly romantic. Once the moment is right, drop to a knee. 

Cozy Up by the Fire 

Suppose you or your partner can’t deal with the cold; warm them up around a fire. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor fire, cozying up next to your partner is super romantic. Plus, you’ll likely feel a bit more relaxed; studies show that people around a fire are more social and have lower blood pressure, leading to a more relaxing feeling. 

Plan a Romantic Dinner 

An intimate dinner can set the mood for your winter proposal, whether at home or at a restaurant. However, we don’t recommend getting cute by putting the ring in any food; if television and movies have taught us anything, it’s to avoid that at all costs. 

Go on a Sleigh Ride 

A sleigh ride is a classic winter activity, as referenced in the iconic “Jingle Bells.” Out in a beautiful winter wonderland and with just the two of you in the back of the sleigh, sparks will fly in this proposal straight out of a fairytale. 

Enjoy a Winter Getaway 

Get away from it all with an unforgettable winter getaway, capped off with your perfect proposal. Destination proposals are a popular proposal idea, and it only gets better in the winter when you propose in the crisp air, surrounded by majestic beauty. 

If you’re looking for an idea of where to go for your winter getaway proposal, consider the Pocono Mountains. The Poconos are a premier vacation destination year-round, but you should see the area covered in snow; it’s stunning. Plus, you can stay at one of our three romantic resorts in the Poconos. Our resorts offer on-site activities, delicious dining, and plenty of live entertainment, so there’s never a dull moment. Additionally, our romantic suites are the ultimate accommodation for a romantic trip to the Poconos. 

Whether you choose these winter proposal ideas or something else, we wish you the best of luck. If you’re interested in staying with us, please book online or call 888-963-3048 for more information.