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Paranormal Paradise Weekend

We may be all about romance here in the Land of Love, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little spooky now and then. And with All Hallow’s Eve coming down the pike—that time of year when, some say, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead gets a little on the thin side—we’ve got the perfect event for you and your main squeeze to embrace the supernatural together here amid our Pocono pleasure playground.

This October 20 through the 22nd is Paranormal Paradise Weekend over at Paradise Stream Resort, an absolutely can’t-miss adventure that’ll mix just the right amount of eerie into your Cove Haven love-fest. The fun comes courtesy of a team of paranormal professionals who’ll be giving participants a behind-the-scenes look at their trade—and a taste of supernatural surveying in the Poconos.

Friday: Team Meet-&-Greets, Intro to Ghost-Hunting Gear

On the evening of Friday, October 20 in the Paradise Stream Nightclub, you’ll get to the meet the team members and have an up-close look at their tools of the trade: equipment used to detect, record, and maybe even communicate with ghostly presences.

Saturday & Sunday: Ghost Hunting 101 & Chasing Paradise Stream Spirits

The next day, it’s class time—but not the boring kind. From 4:30 to 5:30 PM, you’ll enjoy Ghost Hunting 101: getting to know specters, haunts, poltergeists, and the spirits of the dead who (for one reason or another) choose to loiter among the living, and learning the ins-and-outs of searching for these vaporous souls.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll then head out with the team to get some actual empirical practice in the art of ghost-hunting, seeking out supernatural entities around the darkened grounds of the resort. Trying to pick up electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and other evidence, we’ll do our best to make contact with some Pocono poltergeists and other haunts—maybe, given the setting, a few lingering lovers or sweetheart spooks?

Sunday will see you out and about for more thrilling ghost-hunting, honing your skills and generally having a blast with your date and your fellow paranormally inclined couples.

Get Spooky in the Poconos During Paranormal Paradise Weekend!

What better way to spend a Halloween-time getaway in the Land of Love than with some genuine ghost-hunting under the tutelage of the experts? Book your luxurious and romantic accommodations in the Land of Love today for the Paranormal Paradise Weekend, and come hang out with our resident phantoms and shades for a couple of fun-filled days!

Haunted Hayrides at Pocono Palace

We probably don’t need to tell you that indulging in a few healthy, honest-to-goodness scares with your date is a good way to up the romance. And upping the romance is our numero uno priority here at Cove Pocono Resorts.

The Halloween season, of course, makes the best time of year for seeking out those kinds of jump-out-of-your-seats frights together, and we’re more than happy to oblige. Over at Paradise Stream, we’ve got the haunt-hunting hijinks of Paranormal Paradise Weekendcoming up October 20 through 22. And Pocono Palace will have its own special spook-fest the whole month long: Haunted Wagon Rides!

Haunted Wagon Rides at Pocono Palace: Get Spooked!

Each and every Wednesday and Friday in October, dusk at Pocono Palace will see stouthearted couples taking scenic hayrides around the resort—scenic, yes, but also a bit on the spine-tingling side. I mean, let’s face it: It’s Halloween time, when the frontier between the normally separate realms of the living and dead gets a little porous, and taking a hand-in-hand couples wagon ride at twilight is just asking for a little good-natured haunting.

Who knows what might materialize out of the gloaming along the pretty hayride corridor—and who knows just how close it might get. Heck, you may even end up with some ghoul or another hitching a ride with you, at least temporarily.

Haunted Wagon Rides at Pocono Palace are all about embracing the Halloween spirit in good fun, injecting just the right amount of thrills-and-chills into your romantic evening out and about on the resort.

The Haunted Wagon Rides action goes down all October on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning at 7 PM: Hayrides are offered on the half-hour, with the last spooky sendoff at 9 o’ clock. Meet in the Lobby with that special someone of yours—if you’re brave enough, that is.

Celebrate Halloween in the Land of Love With a Haunted Wagon Ride at Pocono Palace

Here’s wishing everybody a Happy Halloween from Cove Pocono Resorts—and here’s inviting you to the spookiest hayride of your life at Pocono Palace this month! If it’s a Wednesday or Friday evening in October, there’s no question what you should be doing with your sweetheart to do right by the season…

Fall Foliage in the Pocono Mountains

It’s really hard to beat this time of year in our neck of the woods here at Cove Pocono Resorts. Autumn in the Pocono Mountains means some of the most vividly and variedly hued foliage you’ll find anywhere on the planet: The Land of Love claims a princely share of New England’s world-famous fall colors, after all.

With all the golden, orange, red, and burgundy leaves burning up the local canopies, you’ve got an absolutely gorgeous scenic backdrop for indulging in this ridiculously romantic season with a Cove Haven couples retreat. Sweater-bound strolls, hot-chocolate happy hours, some quality time spent in your private whirlpool tubs—you don’t want to miss out on the magic in the air, take it from us.

To mark this exquisite stretch of the calendar, we declare a Fall Foliage Celebration across all three of our resorts throughout October, giving you and your sweetheart no end of events and activities to embrace the season in style.

Fall Foliage Festivities All Week Long

You can peruse the full lineup of weekly Fall Foliage Celebration happenings right here: You’ll find great stuff going down every day.

Monday’s Nature Day, the perfect time to hit the paths and admire the autumn colors—and maybe nab a pumpkin while you’re at it.

Cove Haven Resort goes all-out for Monster Mash Tuesdays—Spooky Hayrides, fireside s’mores and hot chocolate, bumpin’ Monster Mash Party Bashes, and the ever-popular Fear Factor Challenge: Brave all of the extra-special (and extra-creepy) Monster Mash dishes, and you might just win a free one-night stay. Tuesdays also see carriage rides at Pocono Palace and curated beer-tastings at Paradise Stream, with the focus (naturally) on fall seasonal brews.

On Wednesdays, you can steal off for a romantic al fresco date with the picnic baskets and blankets available at Cove Haven and Paradise Stream, or swing by the Pocono Palace Lounge for a special Sweetheart Lunch Buffet. Wednesday’s beer-tasting day, meanwhile, at Pocono Palace.

Wagon rides at Pocono Palace and carriage rides at Paradise Stream get you out and about amid the fall-tinted scenery on Thursdays. A freakier version—the spook-ridden Haunted Wagon Rides—prevails at Pocono Palace every Wednesday and Friday evening through October.

All October long, meanwhile, you can take part in Paradise Stream’s exclusive Scarecrow Decorating Contest. Unleash your full fall-friendly creativity using pumpkins, burlap, hay, and other classic building materials, and build the most impressive scarecrow you can scheme up along the resort’s Nature Trail. Come October 28, the winning scarecrow will be chosen at the Witches Ball—and the winning scarecrow-builders awarded with a free two-day, one-night stay!

Join the 2017 Fall Foliage Celebration at Cove Pocono Resorts

There’s a lot more awesome autumn action going down during Cove Haven’s 2017 Fall Foliage Celebration, so make your reservations now and come join all the fun here in the blazingly multicolored Land of Love!