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Visit Bushkill Falls, the Niagara of Pennsylvania

Our backdrop here at Cove Pocono Resorts is that great green province of the Allegheny Plateau known as the Pocono Mountains: aka the Land of Love, aka the Honeymoon Capital of the World. The romance that plays out here does so against rich natural scenery: towering forests, skylines of rolling hills and knobs, and a multitude of foaming rivers and streams, many of which take some impressively tumbly courses.

Two of those careening streams—the Little Bushkill and Pond Run—produce a series of eight waterfalls that rank as some of the most celebrated in Pennsylvania: Bushkill Falls. And this wild-water wonder is just a stone’s throw from Pocono Palace, and easily reached from Cove Haven and Paradise Stream a bit farther away. What a destination for a daytrip date out of our Land of Love pleasure-scapes!

Introducing Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is widely known as the “Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania,” and though these drops can’t exactly compare in size and volume to that namesake giant of a cataract, they’re certainly breathtakingly beautiful. The tallest single plunge, the Main Falls, is the better part of 100 feet. Whitewater curtains and horsetail streamers, moss- and fern-spangled gorges, noble hemlocks and white pines: This is certainly one of the defining beauty spots in the Poconos!

The land around Bushkill Falls is owned by the estate of Charles E. Peters, who began welcoming the public to this grand natural spectacle back in 1904.

A number of hiking trails ranging in length and difficulty access overlooks of the various Bushkill Falls, from Bridal Veil and the Bridesmaid’s Falls to Pennell, Lower Gorge, and the Main Falls.

Museum Exhibits at Bushkill Falls

The cascades and striking gorges are the main attractions at Bushkill Falls, of course, but spare some time for the interpretive exhibits on the grounds. You can get to know Pocono critters—including that mighty acorn- and berry-scarfer the black bear—in the Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit and delve into the region’s indigenous heritage at a reconstructed American Indian longhouse. The “Story of Bushkill Falls” Exhibit, meanwhile, displays a treasury of archives and memorabilia documenting the early years of tourism at the site.

Marvel at the “Niagara of Pennsylvania” on a Cove Haven Couples-Only Getaway

Take in one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the Poconos with a daytrip to Bushkill Falls on your next stay at Pocono Palace or our other Cove Pocono Resorts: some unforgettable sightseeing in the midst of a luxurious romantic getaway in the Land of Love!

Resort near Apple Harvest & Timber Festival

Usher in autumn in true Poconos style at the 2018 Timber Festival at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area this October, just a stone’s throw from Pocono Palace Resort! A great excuse to enjoy the season—including the world-famous fall-foliage show beautifying the countryside this time of year—with your special somebody on a romantic getaway to the Land of Love!

The 2018 Autumn Timber Festival at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

This year’s Autumn Timber Festival takes place Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th at Shawnee Mountain, which happens to be a mere few miles from Pocono Palace Resort. Each day’s festivities will run from 11 AM to 5 PM.

At the heart of those festivities are the showcases and contests put on by the Timber Team Lumberjacks; the woodsy challenges will include log rolling, chainsaw carving, crosscut sawing, springboard chopping, speed climbing, axe throwing, and more. Those lumberjack faceoffs will be going down three times a day both Saturday and Sunday at noon, 2 PM, and 4 PM, and needless to say you really ought to take in the sawdust-flying action.

Other Activities & Entertainment at the 2018 Autumn Timber Festival

Besides those logger-style competitions, you and that main squeeze of yours will get to enjoy blacksmith and sawmill demos, fortune-telling, stilt-walking, living statues, pig races, the Time Traveling Medicine Magic Show, juggling, and other old-timey pleasures—plus rides on the Shawnee Mountain chairlifts for some handsome Pocono scenery. There will also be chainsaw sculptures on display for your ooh-ing and aah-ing pleasure.

Live music, meantime, will be supplied by a pair of great local groups: the Sidekicks, a rootsy country outfit, and the Lost Ramblers Bluegrass Band.

And there’s all the festival food and the varied arts-and-crafts vendors, the whole affair adding up to one great big irresistible autumnal soiree!

Mark Fall in the Poconos at Cove Pocono Resorts—and the 2018 Autumn Timber Festival at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

Another major enticement of the Autumn Timber Festival at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area? It’s falling right at the peak of the legendary fall foliage that flames and flares up the Pocono Mountain forests each and every year. Those polychromatic hardwood canopies are reason enough to come indulge in a little romance and sightseeing at Cove Pocono Resorts along this dreamy stretch of the calendar: Throw in a well-attended autumn festival marked by some impressive displays of axe- and chainsaw-wielding craftsmanship, and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable seasonal getaway in the Land of Love. Come join us!

Witches Ball Halloween Celebration at Cove Pocono Resorts

Summer may be heading off into the sunset for this year, but that only means the special magic of autumn is about to unfold. Here in the Pocono Mountains, that means a lot of dazzling fall colors, an array of harvest festivals and fairs, and—as always—oodles and oodles of romance at the couples-only Cove Pocono Resorts!

If you’ve stayed at Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, or Paradise Stream in the past, you know we like to get in the seasonal spirit of things all around the calendar, and this time of year that naturally means getting a wee bit spooky. Easily one of our most popular holiday events is our Witches Ball, a costumed-up soiree that goes down at all three resorts and gives you and your sweetheart an unforgettable dose of Halloween fun!

The 2018 Witches Ball at Cove Pocono Resorts

This year’s Witches Ball takes place Saturday, October 27th, a mere few days before All Hallow’s Eve. So book your spectacularly sexy suite (complete with our famous whirlpool tubs) now and come join us for a ghoulishly good time in the spookified Land of Love.

The Witches Ball festivities at Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream take place in what we normally call our resort nightclubs but which, on the 27th, become our resort DUNGEONS. But they’re the kind of dungeons you want to be in, given all the games, contests, and other activities on tap for the occasion.

Naturally there’ll be a costume contest as part of the proceedings: Whether you want to go the risqué route or tilt toward the classic horror end of the spectrum, pull out all the stops and go up against the best for the chance to win some “scandalous” prizes!

Over at Paradise Stream Resort, meanwhile, you can also show off your best scarecrow-decorating skills in a separate contest. And all three of our resorts will be hosting the old-fashioned Halloween fun of pumpkin carving and decorating.

From the Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt and “Repulsive Food Factor” to Boo! Bingo and Haunted Horseracing, there’s a “terrifying” quantity of Halloween delights in store for you at the Cove Pocono Resorts Witches Ball. And did we mention the Wicked Witch Wine Tasting?

Oh, and expect your fair share of Halloween treats throughout the party as well…

Spend Halloween Weekend at Cove Pocono Resorts for the 2018 Witches Ball

Crank up the romance and the fun for Halloween this year by booking a couples escape to Cove Pocono Resorts and joining a gaggle of fellow demons, phantoms, vampires, zombies, and other assorted spooks at our one-of-a-kind Witches Ball this October 27th!