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Romantic Ideas: Sample 1-Day Itinerary at Pocono Palace

Planning a honeymoon, vow renewal, or romantic weekend getaway can be mildly stressful primarily because we want to make these trips memorable. The easiest way to relieve stress while planning a couples retreat is to choose an all-inclusive, couples-only resort, which is where Cove Pocono Resorts enters the picture. We’re continually brainstorming romantic ideas, such as the Land of Love app, in an effort to enhance the guest experience. Not only do we have three of the top-rated four-season Poconos hotels, but our continuously-improving amenities, guest suites, and activities help ensure that each couple enjoys a seductive, adventurous, and relaxing getaway.

Sample 1-Day Itinerary at Pocono Palace Resort

Perhaps the easiest way to lure a curious couple from New York City, Philadelphia, or Scranton is to provide an easy-to-read sample itinerary to illustrate what a day looks and feels like at the Pocono Palace Resort in East Stroudsburg, PA. Hopefully, this itinerary sparks some romantic ideas for couples looking to spice things up this summer.

9 a.m. – Breakfast Buffet at the Lakeview Restaurant

Start your well-deserved Poconos getaway with a hearty breakfast buffet inside the Lakeview Restaurant. The buffet features crispy bacon, sliced ham, homemade grits, scrambled eggs, French toast, and so much more!

10:30 a.m. – Sunbathe on the Beach

Pocono Palace Resort has a private lakeside beach along the northwest edge of our secluded, beautiful body of water. Don’t forget two towels, sunscreen, and a gripping beach read!

11:20 a.m. – Kayak

After a 45-minute tanning session under the golden summer sun, hop aboard a tandem kayak to explore our peaceful, exclusive Echo Lake. Guests especially enjoy the serenity of this private lake – and you’ll likely observe a wide variety of colorful birds and curious fish during your journey.

12:10 p.m. – Nature Trail Walk and Picnic

We don’t provide lunch at Cove Pocono Resorts, mainly because guests typically prefer to explore our three beautiful, adult-only Poconos resorts during the day time. So, we highly recommend packing a picnic for your nature trail walk around Echo Lake. After a 30-minute stroll, find a soft spot in the grass, and munch on turkey sandwiches, chips, and crisp vegetables.

1:30 p.m. – Water Ski

When piecing together romantic ideas during the summer months, it’s essential to fill a day with relaxing activities (such as sunbathing, kayaking, and walking) as well as plenty of adventure. Echo Lake is the perfect place to learn how to water ski with your sweetheart.

2:20 p.m. – Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

Rest your legs with a refreshing swim in our indoor pool and a soak in a soothing hot tub. Our state-of-art pool facilities are quiet, clean, and an excellent place for a little afternoon flirtation.

3:25 p.m. – Paintball

One of our favorite romantic ideas here at Cove Pocono Resorts is stepping outside your comfort zone. Most couples probably wouldn’t play paintball, laser tag, or Spikeball during a couples retreat, but we’re not your average romantic trip.

4:10 p.m. – Cocktails at Tanlines Bar & Grill

After a full day of exciting, intimate activities, stop by Tanlines Bar & Grill for a refreshing signature cocktail. The best way to beat the summer heat is a quick visit to Tanlines, where you’ll discover seven delicious cocktails on the menu. We particularly love the Mojito, Sex on the Beach, and Bahama Mama.

6:30 p.m. – Romantic Dinner

After freshening up in your suite, walk over to Lakeview Restaurant for a dinner that you’ll never forget. Depending on the day, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy prime rib, seafood linguini, pan-seared salmon, and Cajun catfish.

8 p.m. – Live Entertainment at the Applause Night Club

The on-site Applause Night Club is your after-dark entertainment hub as live bands, comedians, and performers grace the stage every evening. Feel free to browse through our live entertainment to get a better grasp of what we offer here in the majestic Pocono Mountains!

10:30 p.m. – Champagne Tower Whirlpool Suite

Before retiring for the evening, make sure to take full advantage of your world-renowned Champagne Tower Whirlpool suite. Our newly-updated suites feature luxury whirlpools, log-burning fireplaces, round king-size beds, and so much more! Call us today at 800-432-9932 to book. For even more romantic ideas, visit our website.

Best Weekend Getaways for Couples: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Stay

By now, you likely know about Cove Pocono Resorts’ all-inclusive packages, which include gourmet cuisine, live entertainment, unlimited activities, and a tantalizing Champagne Tower Whirlpool. But there are several ways that you and your sweetheart can enhance your well-deserved escape to the Land of Love, home to the three best weekend getaways for couples. Add spa treatments, chocolate-covered strawberries, or a bronze membership to your upcoming romantic weekend away to ensure that your stay is even more invigorating, sexy, and exciting.

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Land of Love Experience

1. Land of Love App

The easiest way to get the most out of your stay without spending a dime is to download the Land of Love app. Access easy-to-use resort maps and daily menus as well as up-to-the-minute updates on upcoming activities and live entertainment. As one of the best weekend getaways for couples in North America, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience here at Cove Pocono Resorts – the app (which is still improving) is one of those enhancements.

2. Spa Treatments

There are dozens of ways to relax and rejuvenate here in the Land of Love, including swimming, whirlpool soaks, and tanning, but upgrading to spa services is perhaps the best way to unwind. Lay down, relax, and let our talented masseuses sooth your mind, body, and soul. If you browse through our services, you’ll quickly notice that we offer everything from heated bamboo massages to hydrating aromatherapy body wraps.

3. Membership Benefits

For those who plan to make several trips into the Pocono Mountains and Lake Wallenpaupack over the coming months and years, we highly recommend selecting a Land of Love membership. Benefits range from discounts on spa services and gift shop items to free stays at one of the three best weekend getaways for couples. The Forever Lovers and Getaway Club are both free to enroll while the Cove Club starts at just $25 per person and includes instant savings!

4. Gift Packages

Perhaps the easiest way to treat your sweetheart is by purchasing a heartfelt gift package. We wouldn’t be one of the best weekend getaways for couples without providing convenient, seductive gifts, hand-delivered to your Champagne Tower Whirlpool suite. Here are five of our most popular gift packages:


  1. Suite Seduction
  2. Rose Petals
  3. Be Mine Strawberries & Wine
  4. Setting the Mood
  5. Sinfully Sweet Package

5. Headliners

While 99 percent of our live entertainment is included in our all-inclusive Poconos getaway packages, we occasionally book “headliners” that cost a little extra. Guests can easily purchase tickets on our website for these acts. On deck is Ken Jeong, Rob Schneider, a Led Zeppelin tribute, a Fleetwood Mac tribute, and so many more sensational performers! To learn more about three of the best weekend getaways for couples, please visit us at Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, vow renewal, or last-minute weekend vacation, you’ll never forget your time spent in the Land of Love.

Romantic Road Trips from NYC: Cove Haven

The two best seasons for a romantic road trip across the East Coast are summer and fall, especially if you’re planning to visit the jaw-dropping Pocono Mountains. Whether you hail from NYC, Philadelphia, or Scranton, the best year-round romantic getaway in the region is Cove Pocono Resorts. Couples from all over the surrounding states venture into the lush Pocono Mountains to spend a passionate, playful, and uninhabited weekend away. While we welcome guests from all over the globe, road trips from NYC are most common (regardless of the season). Over 20 million people live in the New York Metropolitan Area, so it was only a matter of time before couples discovered the tantalizing allure of Cove Haven.

Road Trips from NYC

A late summer or autumn road trip from NYC to Pennsylvania should be on the docket as we have three couples-only resorts within two hours of Manhattan. Your journey could last anywhere from 80 minutes to a little over two hours, depending on which resort you choose. What makes romantic road trips from NYC to Cove Haven so special is the destination. Upon arrival, you’ll be seconds away from gourmet cuisine, unlimited couples activities, live entertainment, and, of course, a seductive soak in a world-famous Champagne Tower Whirlpool. Here’s the approximate distance from the George Washington Bridge to each resort:

Road Trip Planner

While there is quite a bit of distance between our three resorts, each route provides a unique driving experience. We’ve selected two stops along each route to ensure that your next few road trips from NYC are nothing short of flawless.

Adult-Only Pocono Mountains Resorts

Once you’ve arrived at Cove Pocono Resorts, the fun begins. As mentioned earlier, Cove Haven’s all-inclusive packages include gourmet cuisine, unlimited on-site activities through the Key Around Club, live nightly entertainment, and a full weekend of romance in your private suite. Soak with a bottle of prized bubbly in your Champagne Tower Whirlpool, snuggle close to a crackling wood fireplace, and savor chocolate-covered strawberries in your heart-shaped bed. As three of the premier road trips from NYC, we’re continuously enhancing the guest experience here at Cove Haven. We recently finished renovations at both Paradise Stream Resort and Pocono Palace Resort! To book a well-deserved Poconos getaway, please visit us at, or give us a call today at 800-432-9932.