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Discover the Most Vibrant Poconos Fall Foliage

Some may argue that Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and even June 25 are the most romantic dates on the calendar, but there’s no denying the seductive allure of autumn’s peak. There’s just something magical about colorful, falling leaves, spicy beverages, and cozy (often plaid) attire, especially for couples aiming to spend some well-deserved time away from home. Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Poconos fall foliage remains the #1 spot to observe vibrant colors, according to TripSavvy. Whether you’re planning a mid-fall honeymoon, vow renewal, or just a little overdue autumn romance, you’ll never forget your extended weekend stay at Cove Pocono Resorts.

The Romantic Allure of Poconos Fall Foliage

As the top-rated romantic getaways in PA near New York City, we’re always looking for fun, convenient ways for couples to discover the most vibrant Poconos fall foliage. Some of our favorite on-site autumn activities include hiking, fishing, and kayaking, but you’re more than welcome to explore the surrounding forestry during your stay. To ensure that your next romantic vacation is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled three adventurous date ideas that are particularly fun during autumn’s peak!

Lake Wallenpaupack

A lot of couples only know about Lake Wallenpaupack from NBC’s The Office, but this scenic, 5,700-acre body of water is entirely enclosed by lush forestry which subtly transforms into an awe-inspiring blend of crimson, amber, marigold, and kelly green during autumn’s peak. Guests at Cove Haven Resort enjoy easy access to Lake Wallenpaupack as well as complimentary usage of pedal boats, rowboats, pontoon boats, paddleboards, and kayaks. Embark on a sequestered voyage into the heart of Lake Wallenpaupack to obtain a 360-degree view of the surrounding Pocono Mountains. The Poconos fall foliage in Northeastern Pennsylvania is particularly vibrant thanks to this region’s consistent weather patterns.

Delaware Water Gap

It’s no longer a secret that the Delaware Water Gap, which acts as a natural border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is one of the most incredible sights along the East Coast. Some of the most jaw-dropping Poconos fall foliage can be discovered from a variety of hiking trails near the city of East Stroudsburg, PA, home to Pocono Palace Resort. We recently wrote about our region’s three best hiking trails, which included the Delaware Water Gap’s Mount Minsi. While Mount Minsi is the top-rated trail in the area, we also recommend the Appalachian Trail, Tumbling Waters Trail, and Hackers Falls for adventurous couples.

Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls quickly earned the moniker “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” when visitors began to associate these dramatic waterfalls with one of the world’s wonders. Pocono Palace Resort is just 11 minutes from Bushkill Falls, so a quick day-trip should be on your docket. The quintessential Poconos fall foliage that encloses Little Bushkill Creek and Pond Run Creek is exceptionally vivid for several weeks, which is why this unique park is one of our favorite romantic fall date ideas near Pocono Palace Resort. Because there are several on-site hiking trails, you could spend anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours at these eight breathtaking waterfalls.

Romantic Fall Getaways

Cove Pocono Resorts is known for its all-inclusive packages, Champagne Tower Whirlpools, and free, nightly live entertainment. But don’t forget to observe the area’s quintessential Poconos fall colors while trying these three adventurous dates ideas. Of course, couples can also partake in their favorite things about fall, such as pumpkin-spiced lattes, wilderness strolls, and fireside snuggles. To learn more about a potential fall weekend getaway, please give us a call today at 800-432-9932.

A Pocono Mountains Fall Bucket List

As we all swap our swimsuits for colorful, plaid outfits, travelers turn their attention to the highly-anticipated fall season. While we all love summer’s warmth and those relaxing days spent at the lake, there’s something magical about autumn’s vibrant colors, cozy temperatures, and seasonal beverages. Couples from across the region (most notably New York City) flock to the Pocono Mountains every autumn to partake in a wide variety of quintessential autumn activities. Autumn’s peak has a playful, seductive allure as this popular season naturally encourages romance, such as long walks, fireside snuggles, and a healthy dose of youthful, harvest season nostalgia. We’ve pieced together 15 adventurous date ideas that, as a whole, make up a handy Pocono Mountains fall bucket list.

A Handy Fall Bucket List for Couples

Whether you’re searching for autumn honeymoon ideas, classic October activities, or romantic fall getaways, this list is certain to bring out the kid in both of you. All 15 of these activities rank among our favorite things about fall here at Cove Pocono Resorts, home to the top three couples resorts in PA.

  1. Drink a pumpkin-spiced latte at Brodhead Brew Coffee House or Café Duet.
  2. Snuggle close with a bottle of wine next to a wood-burning fireplace inside one of our Champagne Tower Whirlpool suites.
  3. Hike to the top of Mount Minsi, home to the most beautiful overlook along the Delaware Water Gap.
  4. Paddle along Lake Wallenpaupack’s serene shoreline where you’ll spot vivid fall foliage, curious birdlife, and gorgeous lakeside estates.
  5. Enroll in a guided nature hike at any of our three Northeast Pennsylvania resorts.
  6. Carve a pumpkin (or a pineapple?) that you picked at the Zembrzycki Dairy Farm or Roba Family Farms.
  7. Pop some popcorn, snuggle underneath a warm blanket, and enjoy a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas-themed flick inside Cove Haven Resort’s on-site movie theater.
  8. Sip on a pint of seasonal beer (an Oktoberfest ale, perhaps?) at Jam Room, Barley Creek, or the brand new Hopping Eagle.
  9. Collect leaves that have drifted from above. Every fall, the Pocono Mountains transform into a glorious mixture of amber, marigold, crimson, and kelly green.
  10. Visit a nearby farmers market to purchase fruit, vegetables, cider, wine, and a wide variety of other local goods. We recommend Ritter’s Farm, Pocono Farmstead, Monroe Farmers Market, and The Farmer’s Basket.
  11. A fall bucket list would be incomplete without a lazy drive through the Pocono Mountains countryside!
  12. Take the perfect selfie. Meander across our vast property near bright forestry to “snap” the perfect photo that truly captures the moment.
  13. Make a fall-inspired playlist on Spotify. Set an idyllic ambiance inside your lavish suite by piecing together folky, wilderness-inspired tracks from Sea Wolf, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Lord Huron, and S. Carey.
  14. Spend an hour in nature at dusk before slipping back inside for live entertainment.
  15. Stay under the covers for as long as possible.

Autumn Romance: Extended Weekend Getaways in PA

Hopefully, this Pocono Mountains fall bucket list gives you some insight as to why our particularly beautiful four-season haven ranks among the premier adult-only resorts in the nation. These 15 romantic fall date ideas were hand-selected based on customer feedback and personal experience. To learn more about Cove Pocono Resorts, please visit us online at Otherwise, book now by calling 800-432-9932.

Autumn Romance: The Top 5 Fall Activities for Couples

We’re rapidly approaching the most colorful (and romantic) season of the year: autumn. Every fall, the dense forestry that sheath the Pocono Mountains here at Cove Pocono Resorts transform into an awe-inspiring meld of amber, crimson, marigold, and kelly green. And we have three alluring, liberating resorts within driving distance of New York City, all of which have their own unique romantic trademarks. These four-season, adult-only resorts feature a plethora of on-site fall activities for couples that are entirely free to all guests. You and your sweetheart can spend your days kayaking, hiking, and fishing before settling in for a gourmet dinner followed by rousing live entertainment.

The Top 5 Fall Activities for Couples

While you’ll likely want to spend as much time as possible soaking in your private Champagne Tower Whirlpool, we cannot blame you if you’re aching to explore the colorful Pocono Mountains. So, we’ve compiled five of our favorite things about fall that also make tantalizing, adventurous date ideas.

1. A Trip Around Scenic Lake Wallenpaupack

All three of our Northeastern Pennsylvania resorts provide a wide variety of paddling opportunities, via kayaks, rowboats, paddleboards, and pedal boats. One of our most popular on-site fall activities for couples is an afternoon rowboat expedition, especially if you’re staying at Cove Haven Resort on 5,700-acre Lake Wallenpaupack. Spend an hour or two rowing along the serene shoreline to admire the Pocono Mountains’ vibrant hues.

2. Mallets of Fun

Throw on a cozy sweater or your favorite flannel shirt and partake in a friendly game of croquet. We recommend squaring off against another couple—Cove Pocono Resorts is an idyllic place to meet new friends! For those who’ve never played a game of croquet, this simple video tutorial explains the basics. Croquet is particularly enjoyable on a crisp autumn afternoon when the ground is littered with colorful leaves.

3. Autumn “Forest Bathing”

A new form of therapy has been sweeping through the nation recently: “forest bathing,” yet another one of our favorite fall activities for couples. “Leaf peepers” can combine an early-morning, afternoon, or sunset stroll in the lush, vivid countryside with a healthy dose of relaxation. We offer guided nature walks to couples, but you’re always free to venture into the wilderness at any time with your fingers laced.

4. Hook, Line, and Sinker

Whether you’re aiming to throw a line into massive Lake Wallenpaupack or a nearby pond, river, or creek, you and your sweetheart will be cocooned by vibrant fall foliage. The most common species in the region are smallmouth bass, brown trout, striped bass, muskie, and crappie, but you never know who will be biting on a given day. Fishing is one of the most relaxing fall activities for couples as you’ll be serenaded by the soothing sounds of nature and autumn’s dazzling colors.

5. Target Practice

A couple’s archery session remains one of our favorite romantic fall date ideas here at Cove Pocono Resorts. Our sizable archery ranges are set amidst lush forestry. If you’ve never fired an arrow before, you can learn the basics from an on-site licensed professional. Learn about stance, finger placement, bow nocking, anchoring, and follow-through before taking your first shot. Archery may not be one of our most prototypical autumn activities, but it’s a fun way for couples to learn a new sport together.

Romantic Getaways in PA

To make the most of your next romantic getaway with Cove Pocono Resorts, please read further about nearby attractions, hiking trails, road trips, and on-site enhancements. As three of the closest four-season, adult-only resorts near New York City, we’ve been providing couples with playful, passionate, and uninhabited vacations for decades. Give us a call today at 800-432-9932 to book a well-deserved, long-overdue romantic escape into the colorful Pocono Mountains!