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The Many Perks of Off-Season Travel

However, there are dozens upon dozens of perks to an off-peak season getaway to a non-traditional destination, such as the Pocono Mountains in the heart of winter or during spring’s thaw. We all know how gorgeous this mountainous region is during peak seasons (summer and autumn). But don’t overlook the unexpected beauty of an adventure to Cove Pocono Resorts from December through May.

10 Unique Perks of Off-Season Travel

So, it’s no secret that Cove Haven remains one of the most desirable romantic destinations in the country. It doesn’t hurt that our jaw-dropping Champagne Tower Whirlpools, all-inclusive off-season vacation packages, and nightly live performances are approximately 90 minutes from the heart of dazzling Manhattan. Off-season travel to the Poconos likely won’t include vibrant foliage, sunbathing near pristine Echo Lake, or water tubing on vast Lake Wallenpaupack. But we think that these 10 unique perks of off-season travel will be enough to entice you and your sweetheart to the top-rated romantic resort in the country.

  1. Everything’s Cheaper: Flights, rooms, car rentals, vacation packages…you name it.
  2. No Crowds: This means expedited air travel, less traffic, room to breathe at popular attractions, and prime seats at live shows.
  3. Access to Top-Tier Suites: Finally! While we love each and every one of our accommodations, there’s no denying that some of them are more popular than others. More availability could mean a stay inside a classic Champagne Tower Suite.
  4. Pay Less, Stay Longer: A simple concept. Off-season travel cuts costs by the hundreds, if not thousands.
  5. Off-Season Travel Sustains the Local Economy: Many small businesses, the hospitality industry, and adventure-based companies cannot survive without people taking a “risk” by traveling during non-peak seasons.
  6. Capture Better Photos: In a world dominated by visual media apps, including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and VSCO, it’s never been more important to snap the best photo imaginable.
  7. Shorter Wait Times: Lines for airport security, dining service, and on-site activities are all cut in half.
  8. You Likely Need a Vacation: Like, right now. Winter, in particular, has the ability to truly wear on city dwellers. Get away with your significant other today while you still have some energy left.
  9. Flexibility Matters: It’s nearly impossible to deviate off of a set summertime or autumn itinerary because you might miss out on that long-awaited tour, dinner reservation, or live show. During the “off-season,” however, the hospitality industry follows your lead.
  10. Less Stress: The previous nine items lead to many things, including shared happiness, spontaneity, and utter relaxation. More than anything, however, off-season travel relieves existing stress, as well as lessens any potential vacation-related tension.

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Plan a Romantic Picnic Date at Cove Haven

Planning a picnic takes collaboration, creativity, and a tad bit of research, especially if you aim to enjoy your meal someplace new. Most couples might settle on an imaginative picnic in the park, whether that’s on a rusty table or in the prickly grass. But you’re not like most couples, are you? Here at Cove Pocono Resorts, we know a thing or two about romance. In fact, we’ve been facilitating playful, passionate romantic getaways since 1958. Upon arrival, ask one of our CXOs (Chief eXcitement Officers) about potential picnic date ideas, or simply read the rest of this absorbing article.

7 Picnic Date Ideas

Yes, we could probably list 100 different picnic date ideas that would all sort of blend together after a couple dozen suggestions. Thus, we crafted a mere seven unique possibilities. The ideas range from effortless to slightly adventurous. As a reminder, lunch isn’t provided here at Cove Haven, primarily because most guests prefer to explore our three Northeastern Pennsylvania resorts and the surrounding Pocono Mountains.

  1. A mid-lake picnic date on a rowboat. Steady, now!
  2. Good, old-fashioned mid-hike nourishment
  3. Find a nearby waterfall, and enjoy a picnic within sight of the cascades.
  4. Lunch around a crackling wood-burning fireplace
  5. Throw a blanket down on Pocono Palace Resort’s private Echo Lake beach. Picnics and people watching go hand in hand.
  6. Bring your basket and blanket to a nearby vineyard.
  7. Visit us in autumn—the most seductive picnic season.

How to Plan a Picnic Date | Lunch Options

It’s easy to forget a key item for a picnic date, even if you only plan to bring pre-packaged eats. Before we dive into the many picnic essentials, such as plates, utensils, and napkins, let’s talk potential meals. Cold sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, pasta salad, artisan bread, and kettle chips are all classics, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box this summer. How about lobster rolls, Italian pinwheels, lemon chicken wraps, or summer orzo with shrimp? Remember to utilize that handheld cooler for your mid-day adventures!

  • Basket (or tote bag)
  • Blanket
  • Bottle of wine (or champagne)
  • Bug repellant
  • Cloth napkins
  • Extra layer of clothing, such as a sweater or jacket
  • Hand wipes
  • Necessary utensils
  • Plastic plates and/or bowls
  • Small cooler filled with ice, water, and cold food
  • Stem glasses
  • Trash bag
  • Tupperware (if applicable)

To book a long-awaited Poconos weekend getaway to uninhibited Cove Haven, please give us a call today at 1-800-432-9932. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces this summer!

Kiss Winter Goodbye: Spring-Flavored Romantic Vacation Spots

Winters are hard on people, and the Northeast is no exception. Slippery roads, prolonged commutes, spur-of-the-moment snow days, and varying degrees of seasonal affective disorder take a toll on parents. Thus, the idea behind Cove Pocono Resorts was conceived. Over the past 60 years, Cove Haven has evolved into one of the most beloved romantic vacation spots in North America. There’s something to be said about the unique allure of all-inclusive romance, including Champagne Tower Whirlpool soaks, gourmet cuisine, and nightly live entertainment.

Say “Sayonara” to Snow and Tumultuous New York City

There’s nothing illogical about growing increasingly tired of winter’s stronghold, especially amid a particularly chilly or snowy season. By the time spring materializes, we’re all ready to grab our sweetheart’s hand and just get away together. And there’s something freeing about silenced alarm clocks, lakeside picnics, and sunset strolls with a significant other. All three of our ultra-romantic vacation spots (in Lakeville, East Stroudsberg, and Mount Pocono) are within two hours of lively New York City, so you’re only a short, scenic car ride from several days of playful, passionate fun.

Seek the Outdoors

What makes spring different from all other seasons is the fact that everyone is aching to explore the outdoors without sporting weighty jackets and giant boots. Luckily for you and your beau (or darling), Cove Haven provides complimentary access to countless outdoor activities, including bicycling, kayaking, archery, hiking, fishing, and paintball. Most romantic vacation spots gouge guests with unexpected rental fees—but not us. Every activity and rental is available at all three resorts via our Key Around Club, which comes in handy for those with a serious penchant for adventure.

Romantic Vacation Spots | Escape into the Poconos

As one of the premier romantic vacation spots in the U.S., our team is continuously enhancing the guest experience. In recent years, we’ve undergone extensive modernizations, welcomed world-renowned comedians, and added a plethora of new, mouthwatering entrees to our all-inclusive dining service. But, of course, you’re more than welcome to explore the glory of the Pocono Mountains in neighboring communities. Spring is the perfect time to visit a sleek distillery, go waterfalling, or try horseback riding. To learn more about our Poconos weekend getaway deals, romantic vacation packages, and head-turning accommodations, please visit us online. You can also call us directly at 1-800-432-9932.