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A Poconos Escape Room Guide

March 9, 2021

Any solid relationship, whether it be among lovers, friends, or business partners, heavily relies on communication.

Understanding others and conveying what you think effectively can take you a long way in any of these types of relationships. And trust us, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we know a thing or two about relationships. But if you’re trying to test the limits yourself in a fun yet challenging environment, you can’t do much better than an escape room in the Poconos! Offering a motley assortment of escape room options, we’re sure your escape experience will be well worth your time! Here are a few of our favorite spots.

Klues Escape Room

Pack a magnifying glass and head on over to Klues Escape Room for an exciting and varied Poconos escape room experience! You and your team can uncover the mystery among the pharaoh’s tomb, brew a batch of moonshine to save your immoral Uncle, or match wits with a mad scientist during your visit. Klues is also upping the ante with escape houses coming soon that are sure to challenge both new and adept escapers!

Trap Door Escape Room

Differentiating itself from other escape rooms in the Poconos, Trap Door brings you some of the largest mega escape rooms in the world! Featuring a lineup of rooms including F5: A Tornado Escape, Fear the Bogeyman, Prisoner Z, and more, you’ll find a perfect balance for both first-time escapees and veterans. And, if you want the fun brought to you, Trap Door offers a full series of puzzle boxes with stories and clues transported directly to you!

Big Screen Escapes

Featuring three custom-crafted rooms, Big Screen Escapes brings a clever and engrossing experience to the Poconos area. Unravel a government plot within the confines of a modern kitchen in the Nuclear Family, navigate the life of an ’80s teenager with Trapped in ‘88, or use clues from a father’s legacy to survive a 100-year storm in the Solitude Room. Though the selection is limited compared to others, the care and detail put into each room more than makes up for it.

No Escaping the Fun

With the multitude of different Poconos escape room options ranging from the historical to the chilling and all the way to the downright weird, you’ll find no shortage of engaging fun during the course of your escape. And if you’d prefer to engage in enlightening communication in a more relaxed environment, then we’ve got you more than covered here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Our three resorts offer up even more adventures complete with enticing activities, exciting entertainment, and luxurious suites, all destined to create an unforgettable trip. This is a destination you won’t want to escape! Book online or call us directly at 800-432-9932 to plan your getaway today!