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A Summer Bucket List for Couples: The Poconos Edition

May 2, 2020

There’s no denying the distinct allure of Pennsylvania’s sprawling, hemlock and maple-covered Pocono Mountains.

Not only are the Poconos undeniably beautiful and effortlessly accessible to New York City residents, but this lush mountain range remains the romance capital of North America, thanks in large part to historic Cove Pocono Resorts. Combine the tantalizing nature of a luxury suite with the heartwarming natural beauty that encircles each of our three award-winning resorts. To ensure that your next long-overdue Poconos weekend getaway is nothing short of sublime, we’ve pieced together a fun, seductive summer bucket list for couples.

A 24 Pack of Romance: The Summer Bucket List for Couples

Before diving into this meticulously-curated summer bucket list for couples, let’s first point out that Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream all lie within two hours of Manhattan. The trip from the nation’s largest city through the densely-forested Poconos is a small but integral part of the experience, as the mountains subtly rise with each passing mile. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to accomplish all 24 of these summer bucket list ideas during one escape. Thus, you may want to consider multiple intimate getaways to our adult-only haven this summer.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Pennsylvania

The time to book that long-overdue Poconos vacation with your partner is right now, as summer availability in our most-prized suites tends to dry up. Hopefully, this summer bucket list for couples gives you a proper “taste” of what makes this distinctly invigorating mountain range so incredibly alluring. All three resorts are currently operational; please review our latest updates for more information. Call us today at 800-432-9932, or simply book now on our website. Click the two links below to learn more about “off-season” travel perks and reasons to vacation together.