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Best Resort near Pocono Raceway

May 2, 2018

Feel like putting the pedal to the metal, cranking up the octane, and making some glorious internal combustion engine-facilitated noise?

Feel like putting the pedal to the metal, cranking up the octane, and making some glorious internal combustion engine-facilitated noise? We’ve got just the ticket for our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts couples.

Our Land of Love resorts lie within easy reach of one of the region’s standout NASCAR-caliber racetracks, Pocono Raceway, celebrating its 20th year in the business in 2018. And you’ve got an exclusive Raceway experience at your disposal when you stay with us!

The Stock Car Racing Experience

Among our awesome Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Ultimate Adventure Packages, you can take advantage of a special Stock Car Racing Experience deal only open to our guests.

It gives you the ability to get behind the wheel of a NASCAR-style stock car on the 2.5-mile Pocono Raceway track, with all the technical training and safety orientation you need beforehand.

High-thrills fun? Oh, you betcha.

Other Vroom-tastic Experiences at the Pocono Raceway

Besides driving one of those racecars yourself, you can also sit shotgun on a g-force-heavy ridealong with one of Pocono Raceway’s professional instructors taking the turns on the Super Speedway. It’s an amazing way to experience what these stock cars are capable of with some knowledgeable hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals!

You can also join forces with your sweetheart for some good old-fashioned friendly competition in the form of Team Pro Kart Racing, where you’ll be racing along at 50 miles per hour or more sitting a mere inch off the ground.

Or maybe instead of NASCAR stock racing you’ve always dreamed of slipping into the driver’s seat of a truly elite sports car: a Ferrari, say, or Lamborghini. Well, in that case, Pocono Raceway’s Exotic Driving Experience is for you: There’s a garage full of sleek luxury vehicles ready and waiting to make your motorized fantasy come true.

Pocono Raceway also offers adventures beyond the track itself. You can rent a Polaris Slingshot—a vaguely futuristic vehicle somewhere in between a car and a motorcycle—for some unique Pocono Mountain sightseeing out of a panoramic open-air cockpit! The best part? The Slingshot has dual seats, so it’s the perfect machine for a Cove Haven couple looking for a truly one-of-a-kind date-style day trip out of our resorts.

Experience Pocono Raceway From Your Romantic Accommodations at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

As we’ve mentioned, Pocono Raceway is nice and close to all three of our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts—especially Paradise Stream, less than a half-hour away. Take advantage of our exclusive Stock Car Racing Experience Ultimate Adventure Package and/or another of the Raceway’s high-speed attractions on your next visit!