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Cove Haven: Adding a Special Touch with our Romantic Gifts at our Poconos Resorts

At Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, our three lavish lovers’ getaways in the Poconos serve up deliciously romantic accommodations and an unbeatable spread of amenities, activities, dining opportunities, and live entertainment to give our guests the very best couples-only experience imaginable.

The sexy suites are magical enough as is, but you might consider making them even more so by taking advantage of the romantic gift packages we offer here at Cove Haven. We can basically guarantee your main squeeze will be bowled right on over when the gift is delivered to your door with a personalized message.

Bubble Baths & Champagne to Chocolately Charms: Romance-Ready Gifts From Cove Haven

What sorts of things do we provide to crank that romance dial up to 11? Well, consider our Suite Seduction offer, which supplies a log for the fireplace, bubble-bath liquid, tasty chocolate, candles, and a silver-tone champagne bucket paired with champagne glasses—not to mention rose petals scattered about your suite. Our Passion Package includes a Duraflame log, scented bubble bath, a split of bubbly, and a complimentary photo album to boot.

Or simply go lean-and-mean with our Fire Log deal: Ramp up the in-suite atmosphere with a Duraflame log for $8 each or a pair for $13.95—and outfit yourself with as many as you deem necessary for romantic purposes!

Those Cove Haven suite accouterments only scratch the surface of the romantic packages we provide. Romance is closely tied to the taste buds, of course, so perhaps consider one of our many culinary bundles: from hand-feeding-friendly Chocolate Truffles or a personalizable Ice Cream Cake to the delectably decadent Be Mine Strawberries & Wine platter available at Paradise Stream, which pairs chocolate-covered strawberries and an array of toppings with a bottle from the local Blue Ridge Wineries.

Then there are the Mint Peppermint Foot Massages and Couple’s Spa Collections for full-on intimacy; the festive Balloon Bouquet for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion; and the Photography offer, which sees one of our professional resort photographers immortalize your Cove Haven getaway wherever you want to pose.

Enjoy the Icing on the Cake With a Cove Haven Entertainment Resort Romantic Gift Package

Think of these gift packages as the icing on the cake of the high-caliber romantic luxury we specialize in here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Peruse the full list of offerings and choose one (or more!) that seem to match the occasion and the partner.

RuPaul’s Drag Stars Visit Pocono Resorts

Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we strive to treat you to as much variety and spectacle as possible at our on-site nightclubs. And when it comes to variety and spectacle, you’d really be hard-pressed to outdo our Saturday, March 10th show at Pocono Palace.

What’s on tap? Try RuPaul’s Drag Stars, a ridiculously fun—and thoroughly memorable—show sure to knock the socks right off you and your honey.

RuPaul’s Drag Stars at Pocono Palace: Back to the ‘90s

The night will be one glittery, glitzy sendup of everybody’s favorite decade: the 1990s. OK, so not everybody loves the ‘90s, but you’ve got to admit they served up some indelible cultural trends and unforgettable pop-culture figures (and, yes, some forgettable ones, too). And these days there’s no small amount of ‘90s nostalgia going around, which makes the upcoming RuPaul performance all the more apropos.

Expect a high-energy and outright outrageous vibe to the affair from start to finish. For one thing, you’ll have an impeccable Mistress of Ceremonies presiding over things: the one and only Peppermint, a legend of Big Apple nightlife and the much-loved runner-up in the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on VH1.

Peppermint’s presence alone would ensure an awesome night of live entertainment, but she won’t be the only eye-catching star gracing the Pocono Palace stage. A whole cavalcade of ‘90s legends, drag-style, will be strutting their stuff: Britney Spears, perhaps, or Christina Aguilera, or maybe one or more of those sassy Spice Girls. (Are we bringing back memories?)

Anticipation will be running high as Peppermint choreographs the drag-star lineup, and expect a whole lot of cheering on the part of the audience as each new ‘90s icon makes an appearance.

Make it a Saturday Night to Remember at Pocono Palace

Is your appetite whetted for a ‘90s-focused drag show that’ll live up to its hallowed namesake? Well, nab your tickets for RuPaul’s Drag Stars on Saturday, March 10th: They’re going to be snapped up quickly.

With a whole slew of awesome activities and wining-and-dining at your disposal—not to mention, of course, a decadent romantic suite waiting for you and your main squeeze after the show—you’ll enjoy an over-the-top weekend of fun in the Land of Love, with Peppermint and her crew of drag divas serving up the one-of-a-kind entertainment.

And don’t forget to keep tabs on other upcoming shows at our Pocono properties: All three of our resorts—besides Pocono Palace, also Cove Haven and Paradise Stream—include nightclub stages regularly hit up by musicians, comedians, and other performers, so there’s always something enticing coming down the pike!

Cove Haven – Romantic Weddings & Honeymoons in The Land of Love

Feel like a good laugh?

Like, not just a laugh, but a side-splitting, tears-streaming-down-your-cheeks, red-in-the-face explosion of all-out guffaws?

Well, as they say, laughter’s the best medicine, and we’ve got some doctor’s orders for you: Get thee and thy special someone to Cove Haven Resort on Sunday, April 22nd for a show by one of America’s standout stand-ups, Gabriel Iglesias! He’s bringing his “One Show Fits All” routine to the Land of Love, and you’re most definitely going to want to be part of the audience.

The One and Only “Fluffy”

For more than two decades, Iglesias—who also goes by “Fluffy”—has been charming audiences with stories, jokes, and impersonations centered on his upbringing by a single mother, his Mexican-American heritage, struggles with his weight, and whatever quirk of society has caught his astute comedic eye.

Fluffy’s personality’s irresistible, his perspective unique, and his timing topnotch, plus he draws from a hilariously impressive tool kit of voices and sound effects throughout his sets.

A Crowded Resume

You may have seen one of his filmed standup specials, his popular Comedy Central series Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution, which put the spotlight on hungry, up-and-coming comics, or his current documentary series Fluffy Breaks Even on Fuse TV. Iglesias has also appeared in big-screen roles—playing, for example, Tobias in Magic Mike and its sequel—and done extensive voice work for animated movies such as The Nut Job (and its followup, Nutty by Nature), The Book of Life, and Coco.

Iglesias comes to Cove Haven fresh off filming his sixth comedy special forthcoming from Netflix, which saw him delighting 20,000 fans across two shows at Chicago’s Allstate Arena. He’s also achieved that rarefied feat of headlining a sold-out set at Madison Square Garden.

Iglesias is hilarious enough on TV and in the movies, but there’s nothing to equal the experience of seeing him live: Attending a first-class standup show, you’ll get a whole new perspective for the comedian’s skill, and for the special energy this simple but potent art form generates between performer and audience.

Get Ready to Laugh at Cove Haven on April 22, 2018

You won’t want to miss the “One Show Fits All” production Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is bringing to Cove Haven Resort this April. You can purchase standalone tickets for the show, but if you’re a guest of ours at any of our three resorts you can take it in for free thanks to our Key Around Club!

90s Throwback Weekend at Cove Haven

These days, nostalgia for the 1990s has become its own cultural trend, manifesting in multiple places: fashion, naturally, but also rebooted TV shows and music.

Well, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we’re a pretty forward-thinking team, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like celebrating the styles, sounds, and memes of yesteryear—and inviting our coupled-up guests to join the party! Here’s one of those hearty invitations for a bit of sonic time travel, crossed with a very much here-and-now energy: Come join us for our ‘90s Throwback Weekend next March!

Three hip-hop legends that exploded onto the scene back in those defining days of the genre will deliver the unbeatable soundtrack: Naughty by Nature, Coolio, and Tone-Loc. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear some of the pioneers of rap do their thing on a let-it-all-hang-loose night at our luxurious Pocono resort!

The ‘90s overload takes place Sunday, March 18th, 2018 at Cove Haven. Lock down your accommodations with that special somebody of yours, and make the concert part of a full-on romantic getaway in the Land of Love!

Naughty by Nature

Can you even think of Naughty by Nature (NBN)—Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee—without the iconic beat of “O.P.P.” kicking off in your head? That smash anchored the trio’s 1991 self-titled breakout album, but it’s never really gone away—and for good reason.


Coolio, meanwhile, has maintained a steady presence in the pop-culture sphere since the mid-1990s; he is, of course, the creator of one of the most iconic rap songs of all time, “Gangsta’s Paradise.” (It also inspired one of the most iconic parody songs of all time, Weird Al Yankovic’s “Amish Paradise.”) Besides his recording and touring work, Coolio continues to be a familiar face on both the big and the small screens. In January 2017, he released the topical song “Kill Again”—which assesses gang violence and the state of being black in the United States—as part of his Long Live the Thief EP.


With “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina”—both of them co-written by Young MC—and an unmistakable raspy voice that became his signature, Tone-Loc barreled onto the Billboard charts double-whammy-style in 1989.

Mark Your Calendars for ’90s Throwback Weekend at Cove Haven on March 18, 2018!

With this triple-header of hip-hop superstars, our ‘90s Throwback Weekend is guaranteed to be a good time. So come join us at Cove Haven on March 18th—in your best ‘90s getup or not—and enjoy some artists who, though indelibly associated with that era, still manage to sound plenty fresh.

New Year’s Eve Bash in The Poconos

How is it possible that 2017 is rolling through its final weeks, and 2018 is already knocking on the door?

Well, here in the Land of Love at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we know how to mark this yearly turnover with the proper revelry and all-out fun. We hope you’ll join us at any of our three couples-only resorts—Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, or Pocono Palace—for our annual New Year’s Eve Bash this December 31st!

Top-Tier Entertainment at Cove Haven’s 2017 New Year’s Eve Bash

It’ll be a heck of a party, as always, with some awesome live entertainment. At Cove Haven, DJ Trex and the Kartune Band will perform alongside the comic stylings of Scott Bruce and Mike Stankiewicz. The Ernie G Band and comedian JJ Ramirez will delight the crowds at Paradise Stream, while funnyman Shawn Cornelius will join forces with the Brian Dean Moore Band to do the same at Pocono Palace.

Event-Only Tickets for the Cove Haven New Year’s Eve Bash

Now, we certainly invite you to attend our Cove Haven New Year’s Eve Bash whether or not you can stay with us overnight for the whole shebang: Take in a festive feast of a dinner and the party both for $125 per person, the meal alone for $75, or just the party for $50.

The All-Inclusive New Year’s Bash Package at Cove Haven

That said, we think our all-inclusive New Year’s Eve Bash package is a pretty irresistible deal. You’ll get a luxurious suite for you and your sweetheart, plus unlimited breakfast and dinner, a buffet, and of course attendance at the evening gala—complete with your own party favors and noisemakers!

It’ll be absolute bliss to celebrate till the wee hours at the New Year’s Eve Bash, then simply mosey on over to your elegant (and ultra-romantic) Land of Love suite.

Make It a Land of Love New Year’s Eve at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Live music and comedy, wining and dining alongside other Land of Love merrymakers, and of course big-time romance: That’s how we here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts will be bidding adieu to 2017 and giving a full-spirited welcome to 2018, and we want you to be a part of the festivities! Join us for our New Year’s Eve Bash at Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, or Pocono Palace this December 31st for one truly unforgettable soiree.

Cove Haven – Month of Love in The Pocono Mountains

Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, the romance runs hot and heavy all year round. When it comes to the three most decked-out couples-only resorts in the Poconos—the Land of Love, mind you—that’s just the name of the game.

If anything, though, we’ll be cranking up the romantic atmosphere come February with our “Month of Love” celebration, and you’re going to want to be a part of the action!

Every Day’s a Love Fest During the Month of Love at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts!

All three of our resorts—Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream—will be flush with special events and activities all month long. Each day of the week delivers its own fun lineup: a talented caricaturist on hand to create a readymade complimentary keepsake for you and your main squeeze, dinnertime champagne toasts, the super-indulgent Chocolate Fantasy Buffet, and plenty more!

Skiing, Snowmobiling, Marshmallow Roasting, & More: Get Outside & Experience the “Frozen Fundra”

And then there’s the “Frozen Fundra,” as we’re calling it: a jampacked spread of outdoor activities that’ll heat up the gorgeous winter-scape of the Land of Love. Cove Haven Resort will feature an outdoor skating rink and bonfire beside the Blizzard Chalet, snowshoeing routes and Snow Tubing chutes, and lots of hot bevvies, to name a few attractions. At Paradise Stream Resort, meanwhile, you’ve got a marshmallow-roasting-friendly firepit, ice-carving demos, snowman-building, and more, while the Frozen Fundra at Pocono Palace Resort includes snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and bonfire merriment.

Check out all the Frozen Fundra happenings right here. And remember that, as always, our Key Around policy means you can sample each of the resorts’ offerings during your stay.

The Great Diamond Hunt & Free Night Giveaways!

Would you believe there’s even more to the Month of Love goings-on? There’ll be a pretty snazzy treasure hunt going on throughout: Somewhere hidden at each of the three resorts lies a diamond penchant necklace (a $1,000 value), yours for the keeping—if you can track it down!

This is big, too: Every day of the Month of Love, we’ll be giving away one free night at our resorts, with winners announced each evening!

Don’t Miss the Month of Love at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts This February

In short, attending the Month of Love at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts should most assuredly go on your list of New Year’s resolutions. Bring that special someone and join the monthlong party at our Pocono playgrounds: Book your reservations at Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, or Paradise Stream resorts for February 2018 today!

Marlon Wayans Performs in The Poconos

Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we always have a high-caliber lineup of performers composing our nightlife schedule. And we’re very excited to announce an upcoming show by a mighty high-caliber comedian to kick off 2018 in gaffowing, gut-busting, knee-slapping style!

On Sunday, January 28, comedy veteran Marlon Wayans will drop by Cove Haven Resort for a sure-to-be-uproarious standup show. One member of the well-known brigade of funnymen siblings the Wayans Bros, Marlon has been a household name since In Loving Color days, and you won’t want to miss this chance to see him live onstage!

Marlon Wayans: A Wayans Brother & a Solo Star

More likely than not you know Wayans’ work from one or another of the many TV and film projects he’s been involved with for some three decades: the Scary Movie and A Haunted House hit franchises, for instance, or the WB’s The Wayans Bros. (in which he costarred from 1995 to 1999 alongside his brother Shawn), or maybe his hosting stints on I Can Do That! or Funniest Wins.

His C.V. comes stacked with some notable recent work. Last year saw him take on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon with the parody film Fifty Shades of Black. He also established the online urban-comedy warehouse What the Funny with Funny or Die alum Randy Adams, and starred in the 2017 Netflix film Naked, an American reworking of a 2000 Swedish movie. Also this year he launched a whole new chapter in his career, appearing in the new NBC sitcom Marlon that’s been picked up for a second season.

Appreciate a Comedy Master at Work on January 28 at the Champagne Palace Nightclub

A busy guy, in other words, but also one of those comedians dedicated to always exercising and honing his craft on the road whatever level of success has come his way. And guests of any of our Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts (as well as comedy-loving visitors) will have the opportunity to see the man at work this January at the Champagne Palace Nightclub in Cove Haven Resort, sprawled along the handsome shore of Lake Wallenpaupack.

So grab that date of yours and make plans to be firmly installed in the Champagne Palace seats on January 28—though there’s a really good chance you won’t be able to stay sitting down during Wayans’ set. Give us a ring at (888) 963-3048 for tickets: We recommend not waiting.

Warming Up For The Holidays At Cove Haven Resorts

This is a pretty magical time of year. The last lingering Fall colors here in the fabulously forested Poconos, the first thrilling snowfall—and, of course, all the holiday festivities and togetherness.

Well, speaking of festivities, togetherness, and the whole bewitching package of this season, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we’re offering a really delicious deal for a late-fall/early-winter couples escape to any one of our three Land of Love properties: Warming Up For the Holidays!

Our special Warming Up For the Holidays experience is yours to enjoy on any November or December visit to Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, or Pocono Palace.

The Warming Up For the Holidays Package: Holiday Shopping Deals to Seasonal Games

The perks cover a whole lot of seasonally awesome territory, including a great opportunity to get some of that holiday shopping done in one fell swoop: We’ll give you our insider’s list of the Top 10 Best Shopping Locations in the area, plus exclusive VIP shopping passes at the decked-out mall of The Crossings Premium Outlets.

Holiday cookie decorating contests, hot chocolate (or a cocktail) and roasted chestnuts around the romantic bonfire, a complimentary set of a dozen holiday photo cards of the two of you, Christmas Carol Karaoke (unmissable), Christmas Carol Jenga (also unmissable)—the Warming Up For the Holidays goodies are prodigious. And speaking of goodies, you’re also sure to love the Sugar Rush experience: serving up the classic sweet flavor of the season in the form of cookies, candy, and eggnog…

Come Play Around in the Snow During a Warming Up For the Holidays Getaway

And then there’s the whole array of special outdoor activities at all three of our resorts: snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowman-building, hands-on ice-carving classes, holiday-themed scavenger hunts, and plenty more! Courtesy of our trademark Key Around Club, of course, as a guest of ours you can travel between Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream and enjoy the signature events and adventures at each.

Book Your Warming Up for the Holidays Getaway at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts Today!

Check out the full breakdown of the Warming Up for the Holidays offer right here, and book your romantic sweethearts’ getaway at Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, or Pocono Palace this November or December! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you—and giving you one big Land of Love romantic playground to celebrate together.

Paranormal Paradise Weekend

We may be all about romance here in the Land of Love, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little spooky now and then. And with All Hallow’s Eve coming down the pike—that time of year when, some say, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead gets a little on the thin side—we’ve got the perfect event for you and your main squeeze to embrace the supernatural together here amid our Pocono pleasure playground.

This October 20 through the 22nd is Paranormal Paradise Weekend over at Paradise Stream Resort, an absolutely can’t-miss adventure that’ll mix just the right amount of eerie into your Cove Haven love-fest. The fun comes courtesy of a team of paranormal professionals who’ll be giving participants a behind-the-scenes look at their trade—and a taste of supernatural surveying in the Poconos.

Friday: Team Meet-&-Greets, Intro to Ghost-Hunting Gear

On the evening of Friday, October 20 in the Paradise Stream Nightclub, you’ll get to the meet the team members and have an up-close look at their tools of the trade: equipment used to detect, record, and maybe even communicate with ghostly presences.

Saturday & Sunday: Ghost Hunting 101 & Chasing Paradise Stream Spirits

The next day, it’s class time—but not the boring kind. From 4:30 to 5:30 PM, you’ll enjoy Ghost Hunting 101: getting to know specters, haunts, poltergeists, and the spirits of the dead who (for one reason or another) choose to loiter among the living, and learning the ins-and-outs of searching for these vaporous souls.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll then head out with the team to get some actual empirical practice in the art of ghost-hunting, seeking out supernatural entities around the darkened grounds of the resort. Trying to pick up electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and other evidence, we’ll do our best to make contact with some Pocono poltergeists and other haunts—maybe, given the setting, a few lingering lovers or sweetheart spooks?

Sunday will see you out and about for more thrilling ghost-hunting, honing your skills and generally having a blast with your date and your fellow paranormally inclined couples.

Get Spooky in the Poconos During Paranormal Paradise Weekend!

What better way to spend a Halloween-time getaway in the Land of Love than with some genuine ghost-hunting under the tutelage of the experts? Book your luxurious and romantic accommodations in the Land of Love today for the Paranormal Paradise Weekend, and come hang out with our resident phantoms and shades for a couple of fun-filled days!

Haunted Hayrides at Pocono Palace

We probably don’t need to tell you that indulging in a few healthy, honest-to-goodness scares with your date is a good way to up the romance. And upping the romance is our numero uno priority here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts.

The Halloween season, of course, makes the best time of year for seeking out those kinds of jump-out-of-your-seats frights together, and we’re more than happy to oblige. Over at Paradise Stream, we’ve got the haunt-hunting hijinks of Paranormal Paradise Weekendcoming up October 20 through 22. And Pocono Palace will have its own special spook-fest the whole month long: Haunted Wagon Rides!

Haunted Wagon Rides at Pocono Palace: Get Spooked!

Each and every Wednesday and Friday in October, dusk at Pocono Palace will see stouthearted couples taking scenic hayrides around the resort—scenic, yes, but also a bit on the spine-tingling side. I mean, let’s face it: It’s Halloween time, when the frontier between the normally separate realms of the living and dead gets a little porous, and taking a hand-in-hand couples wagon ride at twilight is just asking for a little good-natured haunting.

Who knows what might materialize out of the gloaming along the pretty hayride corridor—and who knows just how close it might get. Heck, you may even end up with some ghoul or another hitching a ride with you, at least temporarily.

Haunted Wagon Rides at Pocono Palace are all about embracing the Halloween spirit in good fun, injecting just the right amount of thrills-and-chills into your romantic evening out and about on the resort.

The Haunted Wagon Rides action goes down all October on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning at 7 PM: Hayrides are offered on the half-hour, with the last spooky sendoff at 9 o’ clock. Meet in the Lobby with that special someone of yours—if you’re brave enough, that is.

Celebrate Halloween in the Land of Love With a Haunted Wagon Ride at Pocono Palace

Here’s wishing everybody a Happy Halloween from Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts—and here’s inviting you to the spookiest hayride of your life at Pocono Palace this month! If it’s a Wednesday or Friday evening in October, there’s no question what you should be doing with your sweetheart to do right by the season…