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Distorted Divas Drag Show at Paradise Stream

September 27, 2017

You know how you and your main squeeze can make the evening of Saturday, November 11 as outrageously fun as possible?

You know how you and your main squeeze can make the evening of Saturday, November 11 as outrageously fun as possible?

Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we’ve got the answer—it’s an absolute no-brainer. Head on down to the Paradise Stream Resort and take in the Distorted Divas Drag Show!

Hey, with a name like that, how can you resist? And believe us: This is a spectacle that lives up to the eye-catching (and ear-catching) name.

Drag-Style Divas at the Paradise Stream Nightclub

What’ll be going down onstage at the Paradise Stream Nightclub that Saturday? A tribute to—and sendup of—the great divas of the world, from Tina Turner to Miley Cyrus, performed not by your average straight-laced celebrity impersonators but by some mighty talented, mighty exuberant, mighty irreverent drag queens.

The Distorted Divas: Like Nothing You’ve Seen (or Heard) Before

Big hair, big stilettos, big attitudes, big voices: Get ready for an all-out spectacle of a hit parade. You might just find yourself on the edge of your seat awaiting the next diva to dazzle her way out of the wings and strut her stuff. And you’ll certainly find yourself up out of your seat more than once in the thrall of the songs, the dazzle, and more than a little racy humor—all served up with some wild, drag-tastic gusto.

Make a Day Of It—and a Night Out—at Paradise Stream This November 11

The Distorted Divas Drag Show is some over-the-top fun that’ll make a real night out to remember at Paradise Stream. And you and your date can make a day of it: take to the roller rink or the billiards hall, indulge in a romantic couples spa session, wine and dine at the Paradise Stream Restaurant, then beeline for the nightclub for an uproarious feast for the senses with those Distorted Divas!

Have we convinced you yet? Good! Give us a ring at (888) 963-3048 and snag your tickets for the absolutely one-of-a-kind Distorted Divas Drag Show today!

(And don’t forget: The Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts nightlife calendar is always jam-packed, with good stuff coming down the pike at all three of our properties. So take a look at upcoming shows—musicians, comedians, and more—and remember as a guest of ours here you have full access to all three resorts’ activities and happenings thanks to the Key Around Club.)