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Idol Kings Concert at Cove Haven Resorts

May 17, 2018

Imagine a fantasy-world concert in which John Mellencamp, Journey, and Tom Petty all take the stage!e

Imagine a fantasy-world concert in which John Mellencamp, Journey, and Tom Petty all take the stage, one after the other, for your rockin’-out pleasure. Well, here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts we’re pleased to announce the next best thing to that dream bill: triple-decker concerts by the ace tribute band the Idol Kings coming up this summer!

Composed of well-oiled touring and session musicians who’ve recorded alongside the likes of Aerosmith and Bob Dylan, the Idol Kings put on a tribute show to these three legendary acts that comes packed to the gills with monster ‘80s hits. Grab that date of yours and get ready for a night of “Hurt So Good,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and other classic chart-toppers, delivered with an exuberant faithfulness to the originals that’s particularly impressive given the distinctive (and athletic) vocalists and iconic riffs we’re talking about.

The Idol Kings at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts: Summer 2018

The Idol Kings are returning to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts to put on a pair of Land of Love concerts. They’ll first take the stage at Cove Haven Resort on Saturday, June 9th, then pay a visit to Pocono Palace on Sunday, July 29th.

To say that an Idol Kings concert is crowd-pleasing is an understatement. These exceptional musicians pull out all the stops to celebrate some of the most enduring rock musicians of all time, and they tend to get just about the entire audience singing along. For those of you who grew up on Journey, Mellencamp, and/or Petty, the pleasures of the Idol Kings are partly nostalgic. Given the all-in gusto and musicianship the band brings to the task, however, the concert is very much a dynamic, rousing rock-and-roll party that’ll appeal to anybody looking for a head-banging blast of a good time with that special somebody of theirs!

Rock Out With the Idol Kings at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts This Summer

Experience a top-caliber tribute band in action by catching the Idol Kings at Cove Haven (June 9th) or Pocono Palace (July 29th), part of our stuffed-to-the-gills lineup of live entertainment this summer at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts! Given our on-site restaurants and bars, you and your main squeeze can make it an all-around night out in the Land of Love amid our resort wonderland—and then, of course, there’s your ultra-romantic Cove Haven suite to return to after the amped-up hit parade of the Idol Kings is over…