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Poconos ATV Rentals: Go Muddin’ near Cove Haven

September 18, 2020

Despite winter’s frosty disposition, there’s never an offseason for ATVing here in the Pocono Mountains.

As we gradually enter autumn’s vibrant realm, it’s natural for couples to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible before Jack Frost greets Northeast Pennsylvania. Here at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, we embrace winter’s arrival as much as any other four-season destination. “Common” on-site winter activities include snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, snow tubing, and snowshoeing. However, the autumnal thrill of a multi-hour ATV ride underneath falling, colorful leafage is indescribable. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing a Poconos ATV rental.

Find Your Ride: Poconos ATV Rentals and Tours

Some couples arrive in the Pocono Mountains with their ATVs strapped down on their trailer. Others have never hopped aboard an ATV in their lifetime. Regardless, it’s important to point out that only three local outfits offer rental services and backcountry tours (as noted below). Typically, all signs point to Pocono ATVs on Grange Road, located only one mile away from Paradise Stream Resort.

Pocono ATVs – Mount Pocono

For obvious reasons, we typically steer guests to neighboring Pocono ATVs. Its convenient location is only outmatched by the affordability, gnarly terrain, and charismatic guides. After getting acquainted with your newfound Poconos ATV rental, you’ll motor into the “unknown” atop a state-of-the-art vehicle. With approximately 200 woodland acres at your disposal, you’ll be able to roar through the towering timbers at blazing speeds. If there has been a recent downpour, you’re in for a muddy surprise!

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours – Long Pond

If Pocono ATVs is fully booked or you feel like exploring the southwesterly topography, we recommend Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours in Long Pond. Two-seater tours cost only $115 per couple for an hour-plus of backland riding. There will be ample time to switch drivers throughout the guided excursion, which is grittier, quieter, and wilder than most tours in the region. As a point of reference, this Long Pond company is approximately 24 minutes away from Paradise Stream Resort.

The Lost Trails ATV Adventures – Dunmore

On the edge of the Wyoming Valley (Scranton and Wilkes-Barre), lies a 2,000-acre natural wonderland. Tours rumble through mostly rocky terrain with the Pocono Mountains seen at a distance. You’ll stumble across creeks, plenty of mud, a cave, and a lake en route to a dramatic climb to a jaw-dropping mountaintop overlook. Getting “lost” has never been so alluring. Because Lost Trails is closer to the city, their Poconos ATV rentals are a little pricier than other competitors. However, the experience is priceless!

All-Inclusive Resorts in Pennsylvania

If you’re hoping to avoid spending money on guided tours, look no further than Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Through our all-inclusive Key Around Club, you’ll obtain free access to snowmobiles, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing gear, kayaks, paintball guns, golf clubs, fishing rods, ice skates, bicycles, and so much more! Each adult-only escape also includes live entertainment, two meals daily, and, of course, a stay inside a world-famous Champagne Tower or heart-shaped whirlpool suite. To learn more about a potential couples getaway in Pennsylvania’s “honeymoon country,” please visit us online. Otherwise, you can call us directly at 800-432-9932.