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The 10 Best Vow Renewal Gifts

The 10 Best Vow Renewal Gifts

More and more couples are renewing their vows to reaffirm their love and commitment to one another. This romantic ceremony calls for a thoughtful gift. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; the experts at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts have you covered. We’ve hosted countless vow renewals at our couples resorts in the Poconos. 

Having been around so many ceremonies, we know a thing or two about vow renewal gifts. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental and romantic or exciting or fun, our vow renewal gift guide has what you seek.

5 Vow Renewal Gifts for Him

Are you looking for something extra special for your husband? We have five excellent vow renewal gift suggestions that will rock his world. 

Custom Golf Bag: If your sweetheart is a golfer, make sure their golf outings are always super special with a custom embroidered golf bag. Customize the bag to include their name, your wedding or vow renewal date, or anything else meaningful to them. This gift is fun, functional, and sentimental all at the same time.

New Watch: Keep your partner on schedule, and remind him that your time together is treasured with a watch. For an extra romantic touch, order a matching couples watch set to ensure you are always thinking of your precious time spent together.

A Vinyl Record of His Favorite Album: In recent years, vinyl records have come back in a major way. Hit rewind and play into nostalgia by giving him a vinyl of his favorite album or a record that will make him think of you. The Sound of Vinyl has a huge selection of vinyl records to choose from. 

Monthly Beer Subscription: For the craft beer lover, sign up for a monthly beer subscription service. Every month, a new selection of craft brews will be sent to your home for your husband to enjoy. Tasty craft beer without leaving the house? He’ll love it. 

Truth or Dare for Couples: You don’t play games with his heart, so play games in the bedroom instead. Spice things up with a sexy and fun game of truth or dare. Playing this exciting and naughty game is a great way to celebrate your forever love.

5 Vow Renewal Gifts for Her

Don’t worry; we also have recommendations on vow renewal gifts for her. We’ll cover all bases to ensure you find something she’ll love.

Custom Ring Dish: There are times when she can’t wear a wedding band. In that case, give her a cute and elegant place to store her ring, a custom ring dish. Customize your ring holder with your initials, wedding or vow renewal date, or other information that will remind her of your love.

Photo Album: Remind her of all of the fantastic memories you’ve made together with a photo album of the two of you. Creating a photo album is a romantic and sentimental way to show you value your time together. Don’t fill it all up; leave some room for all of your future adventures as well. 

Perfume: If your wife is into fragrances, dazzle her with her favorite perfume, or switch things up with a luxury offering she hasn’t tried before. Fragrances are emotive; every time she puts on the scent, she’ll think of what a loving and thoughtful partner she has. 

Date Box Subscription: You don’t need to go out for an amazing date; a date box subscription will send you everything you need for a special night at home. Once a month, you’ll receive a box chock full of exciting activities, tasty snacks, and more that will help you have an unforgettable date.

Romantic Vacation: Nothing is more exciting than a spontaneous and romantic getaway. She’ll love getting away from the stresses of everyday life with a couples trip. If you’re looking for an adults-only resort perfect for spending quality time, our three resorts in the Pocono Mountains would be the perfect places to stay. We’d also love to host your vow renewal ceremony. For more information or to book your stay with us, please give us a call at 888-963-3048.

The 5 Best Honeymoon Suites in the Poconos

The 5 Best Honeymoon Suites in the Poconos

If you’re planning your honeymoon or any other romantic getaway, the first thing you need to decide after picking a destination is where to stay. You want to choose a place with luxurious, comfortable rooms—a place where you and your partner can connect romantically. 

The Poconos are one of the most romantic destinations on Earth and are also home to several exceptional couples resorts. Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts has three adults-only resorts built for romance. Our honeymoon suites are private, decadent, and cozy, the perfect place for some intimate one on one time with your loved one. We want to give you a sneak peek at what you can expect; read on to learn about the best honeymoon suites in the Poconos. 

5 Amazing Honeymoon Suites for Romance in the Poconos

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ honeymoon suites have something for every couple to enjoy. Plus, each suite is full of amenities, so you don’t even have to leave your suite if you don’t want to. Each suite has a unique theme and decor to provide a sexy and fun atmosphere. Here’s a look at some of our most popular suites.


Champagne Tower

  • When you walk into the Champagne Tower Suite, the first thing you’ll notice is the suite’s namesake champagne tower, a 7′ tall whirlpool tub. While the champagne tower tub is a showstopper, the suite also has a heart-shaped pool, round king bed, dry sauna, a cozy fireplace.

Fantasy Apple

  • Also known as the “Blue Room,” this suite has cerulean hues throughout, highlighted by the blue-shaded skylight above a modern living space with blue furniture. Guests enjoy the two-level floor plan, private heated pool, heart-shaped whirlpool tub, and stunning views of beautiful Echo Lake.

Juliette Suite

  • Live out a romantic fantasy in the Juilette Suite. This suite has been newly renovated, with a lightwood tiled floor, new furniture, lighting fixtures, and decor, which adds to its intimate aesthetic. It features our signature heart-shaped tub, fireplace, two flatscreen TVs, and more. 

Lakeside Chalet

  • Enjoy outdoor seating and breathtaking views of Echo Lake at the Lakeside Chalet. This suite’s amenities were designed to elicit playfulness, passion, and uninhibited emotions, making it a great place to rejuvenate your romance. Enjoy a heart-shaped whirlpool tub, log-burning fireplace, new furniture, and more. 

Diana’s Oasis

  • Diana’s Oasis is one of the most unique honeymoon suites in the Poconos. This suite has a Roman-inspired theme, with shades of sand and granite, and is highlighted by the columns by the king-sized bed. Of course, Diana’s Oasis is also chock-full of amazing amenities like the starlight ceiling, heart-shaped tub, and private pool. 

Book One of the Best Honeymoon Suites in the Poconos

Book one of Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ fabulous honeymoon suites for your romantic getaway to the Poconos. In addition to your luxurious suite, there are also delicious dining options, live entertainment, and fun activities to enjoy. Please book your suite online, or give us a call at 800-233-4141.

*Two-night minimum required. Offer valid weekdays Sunday-Thursday. Taxes, service charge and a daily resort fee of $25 plus taxes per occupied room not included. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount program. Higher rates and/or minimum stay may be in effect for certain special events, holidays, and peak travel periods. Rates subject to change without notice. Some restrictions/blackout dates apply.

Stargazing: An Overlooked Romantic Activity

Stargazing: An Overlooked Romantic Activity

There’s no shortage of romantic activities for you and your loved one to do in the Poconos, but why not try something new? When you think of couples’ activities, stargazing probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. However, stargazing can be incredibly romantic. The team at Cove Pocono Resorts encourages couples to give this romantic activity a chance. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a guide on stargazing.

Stargazing with your Loved One

For thousands of years, people have looked up into the sky in wonder, making up stories of the bright lights above. There’s a reason this activity has attracted so many people; there’s no denying the beauty of the marvelous night sky lit up with countless stars. You and your loved one experience it all with a romantic night stargazing.

What you need for a Romantic Night Stargazing

The great thing about stargazing is there isn’t much planning involved. The most important thing is a good location. The shining lights from bright cities make it hard to see all of the stars above. Out in the Poconos, away from all the hustle and bustle, is a great place to sit back and gaze at the stars. 

Once you have your spot picked out, there are a couple of other things you’ll want on your night out. Bring a blanket to sit on and another to wrap you and your partner in to keep warm. That’s it. With your spot picked out, and something to sit on, you’re ready for a romantic night stargazing. Optionally, you might consider packing some food for an evening picnic. A telescope will give you a clearer view of what’s happening in the sky, but it isn’t necessary for this romantic experience. 

Delight in the Beauty of the Nightsky

Once you’re all set up and ready for your stargazing date, that’s when the fun begins. Prepare to be dazzled by some of the universe’s most beautiful scenery. It can be fun for you and your partner to try to find the constellations. Or, make up your own constellations; the stories of the stars above are open to interpretation.

Another thing to look out for during your stargazing experience are shooting stars. These streaking lights may look like stars, but they’re actually rocky debris that enters Earth’s atmosphere. It is said that wishing on a shooting star is lucky, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Above all else, you and your loved one will enjoy each other’s company amid a starry backdrop. This romantic setting, combined with the presence of your partner, makes for a magical evening neither of you will soon forget.

Romantic Stargazing at Cove Pocono Resorts

All three of Cove Pocono Resorts’ adults-only resorts in the Poconos are ideal spots for stargazing. After your romantic stargazing adventure, turn back to the resort for amazing food, live entertainment, and fun activities. 

Cove Pocono Resorts has been recharging romances for decades, and yours could be next. To book your next romantic getaway to the Poconos with us, please call us at 800-233-4141 or check availability online.