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The Top 5 Pocono Mountain Hiking Trails: Summer Edition

June 30, 2021

Located in Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains offer some of the most beautiful sights in the entire country. Blessed with waterfalls, splendid trail systems, and a variety of rare flora and fauna, a Poconos hiking expedition is a must-do in summer. There are many state parks and recreational areas near Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts for you to explore at your own pace. At long last, let us explore some of the top five Pocono mountain hiking trails.

1. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail

There are about 28 miles of the Appalachian Trail that stretch through the Delaware Water Gap, including 16 unique trails ranging from easy to moderately difficult. The Appalachian Trail inside Lehigh Gorge State Park is a must-see, regardless of the season.

2. Bushkill Falls

There are several trails over at Bushkill Falls that vary in difficulty. No matter which trail you choose, you are sure to see the beauty of nature. Bushkill Falls is also known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.” The best vantage point to view the main waterfall is the Red Trail, a semi-tough trek.

3. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This 70,000-acre park is a protected area that holds several educational and historical sites as well as many opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Delaware Water Gap offers several of the best Poconos hiking trails. The hiking trails vary in distance and difficulty. A couple of hidden gems include the McDade Recreational Trail (easy) and the Milford Knob Trail (challenging but offers big rewards too).

4. Promised Land State Park

There are 50 miles of forested trails in Promised Land State Park. You can choose to hike Bruce Lake Road, where you can see a natural glacial lake or see waterfalls along the Little Falls Trail. You can even explore the Conservation Island Loop, where you can stroll around the island and take in the sights of the lake.

5. Lake Wallenpaupack Trail

If you are looking for a relaxed trail with water views, the Lake Wallenpaupack Trail might be your best bet. This gentle, three-mile trek along the lake is pretty popular with locals and tourists alike. Plus, this freshwater lake offers a variety of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed too.


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